Sullivan Insurance Launches Responsive Website

Considering a website redesign? Wondering what you should include or not include? From mobile decisions, to creating a vibe that attracts the right type of clients (while dissuading the wrong type of clients,) there's a lot to consider. Here's how one business did it.

The ClientScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.20.16 AM

Sullivan Insurance, in Ipswich, Massachusetts, is a full service, independent insurance agency. They pride themselves on being comprised of team of caring and conscientious insurance professionals, along with having access to dozens of the finest insurance carriers in the marketplace.

Currently, Bernard M. Sullivan Insurance Agency serves the insurance needs of more than 5,000 individuals and families as well as over 1,000 business’s throughout New England.

The Objective

The client was looking for a website that would help  generate more qualified leads, by having prospects fill out a form to be contacted for an insurance consultation and free quote.

They were finding that a lot of the leads they were receiving from their old website were from people who were not qualified for their services. Whether it was leads from people who lived in other states, or leads from people who were looking for a quick quote online, rather than to establish a relationship with an agency – they weren't reaching the right target demographic with their old website. 

In fact, many of the leads they were attracting were folks who had been cancelled or non renewed by their current insurance company for things like nonpayment, bad driving record, other criteria that didn't make them good prospects for Sullivan Insurance.

Sullivan had the ultimate goal of attracting more leads from homeowners and business owners living in the greater Boston (North Shore) area, who were interested in protecting what's most important to them – rather than leads from those who were shopping around based solely on savings.

Additionally, Sullivan wanted to drive leads that were interested in developing a relationship with their insurance agency.  People who wanted to work with an insurance professional who could explain the difference in coverage, give real examples of claim circumstances, and be an advocate for them and their business both in the community and with the insurance company.

In order to attract the desired type of client, Sullivan needed a new, professional website that conveyed the high level of expertise and caring their agency possessed. They also needed a website that they could manage and update themselves.

The Tools

We used WordPress to develop a fully custom, responsive website designed to attract and convert the desired target demographic.

We included a quote feature that indicated the nature of the insurance plan a given prospect needed – and set up a system that would email the appropriate agent to follow up with these prospects according to their specialty. 

We also incorporated important lead generation tools such as an email sign up button and a search function within the company blog.

The website was also developed to be responsive, making the mobile customer experience just as seamless as desktop user experience.

The Outcome

Sullivan Insurance now has an attractive, professional, mobile friendly custom website that places the agency in the perfect position to attract and obtain their desired customer base.

The website is fully optimized for important SEO keywords and phrases, which also places the agency in the position to appear in search engine results higher among the exact people who may be looking for their service.

Sullivan Insurance now has a website that accurately reflects their high level of professionalism, customer service, and caring towards their clients.

In addition, the website now has a smooth conversion funnel that makes the process of starting a relationship with their agency fast and easy – whether they're browsing on a desktop or mobile web.

Responsive Design = Mobile Friendly

The responsive design means that customers who are using a smartphone or tablet will have the same high quality experience with Sullivan's website as those who are using desktop computers. 

Responsive websites are optimized for both the desktop and mobile web.

As the quality of mobile optimization becomes increasingly more important for search engine optimization, having a mobile optimized website also helps Sullivan in organic search rankings as well.

Site Visitors Can…

Prospective clients can now easily get in touch with an agent specialized in the area of insurance they need, by simply submitting a request for a quote. Existing customers can start the process for submitting a claim, pay their bill, or submit a service request.

Further, visitors can quickly learn more about Sullivan Insurance with easy access to the company blog and social media channels.

It's easier than ever for prospective customers to move down the sales funnel with the information they need laid out neatly for them. And for existing customers – the ability to access the services they need, the moment they need them is literally just a couple of clicks away.

Katrina Crowell
Maine Digital Marketing Consultant