Design Audits from the Experts

Design determines direction.

How does your website design and marketing collateral stack up? Is it consistent? Memorable? Effective?

Chances are, you didn’t go to school for design. You’re not sure why your competitor’s website seems to be more inviting or effective than yours. You can’t put your finger on why your logo feels dated or why your social media profiles feel unprofessional.

You’re looking to have an expert review your marketing material and provide actionable advice on how to get your design, branding, and message in alignment with your company so that you can focus on what you do best.

Form. Function. flyte.

When someone arrives at your website, they are going to make a split-second decision about your company based on what they see. If your design is poor, if your home page elements are out of alignment, or if there’s a lack of design consistency from what people saw in your email newsletter, social media post, or Google ad, they’ll hit the back button and visit a competitor’s site.

It’s all about trust. You need to build immediate trust with your audience. The wrong colors, a poorly designed logo, a confusing layout, or even a tired looking design can break that trust. But how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

The flyte team can tell you. 

We’ve designed hundreds of websites, email newsletters, social media profiles, slide decks, and other marketing collateral—and we can’t wait to share that experience and expertise with you.

Flyte design audits show you the way forward.

Many of the entrepreneurs and growing businesses we work with designed their logo, sales sheets, website, or ads under pressure. They knew good design is critical to achieving their business goals but, in the moment, they decided to just get it done. And over time, rushed design decisions they made to save money or time started to work against them.

They came to flyte and we fixed it.

If you feel like your logo doesn’t stand out from your competition, your ads aren’t getting clicks, or your website confuses your customers, you’re probably right. And an honest, action-oriented flyte design audit is the first step to putting things right.

We don’t pull punches, we point the way forward.

Our nationally recognized design team reviews your entire brand story, listens to your communications challenges and goals, carefully considers your budget, and surveys your competition. We show you what’s working and share strategies to improve what isn’t.

Your personalized Design Audit provides actionable feedback to show you where to best focus your time and resources and present meaningful, achievable plan to reach your business goals—by design.

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