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Pinetree Garden Seeds is one of the Top 5 Seed Companies for Backyard Gardeners in the US.  With the buying season for gardeners October – March, a 7 month selling season, flyte was brought in to increase sales during the “off” season. While Pinetree has supplies and crafts to supplement the non-seed season, flyte’s challenge was to strategize ways to get those products off the shelves and add new approaches to continue sales through the year.

Additionally, we were challenged with reaching a younger audience than Pinetree’s current demographic which was skewed toward 45+. While current social media campaigns were successful with the current demographic, an alternative approach was needed to reach a younger audience who is not as enthusiastic of backyard gardening.


Marketing was reassessed and split to focus on key months (October – March) and the ‘off’ season. Ineffective ads, used for branding and not direct sales, were cut in the off season, allowing for the budget to increase in the key months.

A content calendar was created to focus on moving product based on its’ seasonality, i.e. pumpkins in the fall and tomatoes in the spring. Content development was driven by needs of the customers and new initiates were developed to reach the younger target audience. Some specific initiatives developed included ‘Gardening Kits’ and a Pinetree Garden Spotify playlist.

The Garden Kit was initiated to make purchasing easy for those who may be unfamiliar with gardening. Kit types include the Easy to Grow Gardening Kit, Chef’s Herb Garden, Bring in the Butterflies, Rooftop Gardening Kits, and a Just my Size Kids Kit.

The Spotify playlist included songs related to the activity of gardening – The Pinetree Garden Greenhouse Mix, Sowing Seeds, Cooking with Jef, Crochet and Knitting, Country Mix, Classical to Help Your Garden Grow, Let it Grow and Get Dirty in the Garden.

Additionally, we created The Pinetree Garden Planner Lead Magnet. The Planner – filled with tips for the novice gardener – also included a garden planner grid. The planner has been downloaded over 2000 times (in 3 months) and has reached over 15K people.


Project Highlights

Increase in Sales

Increase in Average Order Value

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