Digital Marketing Resources for Your Growing Business

Visibility. Traffic. Conversion.

This simple approach is what’s behind successful digital marketing.

  • You need to increase your online visibility through SEO, social media, and digital ads.
  • You need to drive more qualified traffic to your website.
  • You need to convert more of those visitors into subscribers, leads and business.

If you’re looking for sound strategies and actionable steps to grow your business using the web, you’ve come to the right place.


flyte’s digital marketing blog: Are you looking for the latest tips and tricks for using social media and ranking higher at the search engines? Step-by-step how-to videos for improving your online marketing? Practical advice for building your email list and generating leads from your website?

Our marketing blog has all that and more. You can also have it delivered for free to your inbox so you’ll always get the latest updates.

Marketing Webinars & Seminars: We put on a lot of live presentations, both on the web and in person. Almost all of them are free, although if we’re speaking at someone else’s conference or event, there may be a charge.


Digital Marketing Masterclasses: Each month we put on small, intimate, hand-on “masterclasses” at our offices here in Portland, Maine. Topics include SEO, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Developing a Social Media Plan, and more. Check out our Live Events page for upcoming classes.


SEO & Social Media Consulting: Overwhelmed with information? Need specific help with your digital marketing needs? Or looking to outsource your Internet marketing to experts?

Let us develop a Digital Marketing Action Plan tailored to your business needs. You can also get training for implementing the plan, or even outsource all the work to us.

Other Outposts.

The Agents of Change Podcast: Get great marketing advice as flyte’s president, Rich Brooks, interviews marketing experts from around the world on how to use search, social & mobile to reach more of your ideal customers.

YouTube: Do you like to watch? If so, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, filled with how-to videos on social media, Google Analytics and more.

Facebook: Hanging out on the world’s most popular social network? Head on over to flyte’s business page to ask a question, discover something new, and get to know the crew.

Twitter: Here you’ll find us sharing some of the best advice on Internet marketing from around the web. Give us a follow and say howdy!

Pinterest: While we won’t share recipes or wedding dresses here, we will share marketing resources, cool infographics, and anything else you need to grow your business.

LinkedIn: Honestly, we don’t do much here as a company, but some of us are active as individuals.