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Digital Marketing Training Videos: Free and on Demand

If you want to discover how to increase your online visibility, if you want to drive more qualified traffic to your website, if you want to generate more leads and more sales to your business, you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find a growing library of free, on demand training videos that will help you grow your business online.

How to Use AI to Grow Your Business

You’ve seen the headlines about ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other AI-powered tools. You’ve heard stories of how it will replace most jobs, some industries, and up-end life as we know it.

But what’s real and what’s hype? And more importantly, how can you use it in your marketing to better position yourself, reach new audiences, and generate more leads and sales?

In this presentation, Rich Brooks will share with you some of the tools and tactics you can use TODAY to improve your processes and your outcomes.

How to Amplify Your Recruitment Efforts with Digital Marketing

It's tougher than ever to find the right people to fill open positions at your company. What worked in the past doesn't seem to be as effective now, so what can you do to increase the applicant pool and drive more interest in careers at your company?

In this session, you'll discover how to amplify your recruiting message through specific digital marketing tactics that will get you in front of your ideal candidate…even if they're not currently looking for a new job.

Find out what to do on your website, through SEO, social media, and other digital marketing channels to build up a steady stream of applicants.

How to Use LinkedIn for Prospecting and Sales

LI-Webinar In this action-packed session, you'll discover how to better prospect and network on the world's most popular B2B social media platform. Discover how to make your profile stand out, how to increase your visibility in front of your ideal customers, how to prospect for exactly who wants to buy from you, if and how to use Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's paid upgrade, how to move the sales process off of LinkedIn and onto the contract page. If you or anyone at your company is responsible for generating leads or closing sales in a B2B environment, this is a must-watch event.

Knockout Your Local Competition with a Winning Local SEO Strategy

Winning the local battle can be difficult when your competition is across the street. Sure, you could be on 4 social networks, enhance your website, sending emails, and winning local awards but how can you actually drive local customers to choose your business, either online or by physically walking into your store? During this webinar, I’ll show you ways that you can enhance your local presence in your community/city/state. I recently sat in on WhiteSpark’s 3-day Local SEO Summit so my mind is FULL of relevant Local SEO strategies that will work in 2020. I’m excited about what I learned and how you can apply it to your business!


How to Find Your Audience Online

You've got a great product or service, a website to support it, but no one seems to be taking notice. Where are your people?!?

In this webinar, flyte's senior marketing team tackles the question, “how do I find my customers online?”

Whether you're in B2B or B2C, selling a product or a service, looking to generate leads or make sales, we'll show you how to uncover where your audience is hanging out online, and when they're most likely to be there!


Leveraging Facebook for Your Business – “Beyond the Boost”

Leveraging FB for Business Webinar - flyte new mediaThis webinar focuses on audience and budget creation as well as creating a LIVE ad in Facebook Manager. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Move away from boosting and reach the exact audience you want at a lower cost in Facebook Ads Manager. With an increased reach of 64%.  
  • Messenger Ads are serving up Surveys and Sales Funnels using ads and Bots, this feature is under utilized a may be a good solution for your strategy.
  • Take the time to know what your audience likes and how they like their content delivered. Baby Boomers do well with retargeting, while Gen Z prefers video. Understanding how they like their content delivered will help you to determine the strategies for implementation.
  • You are promoting a need or a want, you are solving a problem or a pain point. Sell the problem you solve not the product. Focus on bringing value to the consumer.


How to Set Up Your Business Podcast

In this webinar, we're going to be talking about podcasting for your business, how to get started. What goes into each episode as far as production and promotion goes and ultimately how to profit from all of your hard work. We will cover the prelaunch and everything you need to do before recording your first episode, the planning, the setup, the equipment, and more, and to talk about the launch itself.



Email Marketing for Small Business

Do you want to build trust with your prospects? Stay in touch with people after they’ve left your site? Generate more leads and sales online?

Then the answer is email marketing.

Email is the missing ingredient for most small businesses who are looking to attract more customers and generate more repeat business.

In this 30 minute, all content, no fluff webinar, you’ll discover:

  • proven methods to build your email list, (even if you're just getting started!)
  • which emails get the highest open rates,
  • how to write subject lines that practically open themselves, and
  • how to get people to open and take action on your emails.

If you're looking for the secret sauce of digital marketing and communication, this webinar is for you.

Winning the Marathon: Generating More Traffic with an Effective Organic Search Strategy

All your life you’re told to sprint and give it your all. It’s always about finishing with the best time and setting records. We all know the story about the Turtle and the Hare. I don’t need to tell you the ending.

How does speed, fables, and turtles relate to SEO? Many companies want to see an immediate impact and view marketing as revenue driver rather than a cost center. They tend to turn to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing for a quick hit of revenue and leads.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are becoming very crowded. More ads on the top of the page, YouTube videos & photos, and featured snippets.

SEO is marathon not a sprint.

Customers are also searching for the best products and services near them – and they want answers… fast. Discover how you can rank higher in local search, gain visibility in Google maps, and other tricks that can help grow your “local” business.

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • Why SEO is an untapped resource for revenue
  • How to uncover what your customers are actually searching for
  • How to change a page so that it outranks your competition
  • The advantages that local businesses have
  • Advanced tips for competitive industries, and more!

6 Ways to Improve Engagement on Social Media for 2020

Nothing is more frustrating than putting time into creating content, showing up on social media, working to ensure your captions are just right… just to hear crickets.
Let’s get real about your Social Media presence, creating authority and why your number of followers is not impacting your bottom line. Do you have a lot of followers but no interest in buying your products? Are you posting amazing content but with no conversions? We’ve all been there.

This 30-minute webinar will help you lay out a plan that balances organic postings with paid ads and landing pages. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to drive more traffic to your site. Learn how to develop a Social Media Calendar and develop a goal-oriented Social Media strategy.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Social Media Myths that haunt marketers
  • Pro Tips for saving time and effort
  • Understand how to attract new customers
  • Getting your business in front of the right people
  • What Social Media platform is best for my business?
  • Creative ways to drive website traffic

How to Be a Thought Leader and Grow Your Business Online

Being seen as a “thought leader” can be a competitive advantage for a company or individual looking to increase their visibility and credibility in their industry. Thought leaders can attract more business, generate more revenue, and have other opportunities that aren't available to their competition.

But how do you become a “thought leader,” and how do you leverage that into leads and sales online?

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll look at how you can create content that will position yourself as a thought leader, and how to use search and social media to extend your reach.

Who's it for:

  • Business owners and leaders interested in positioning themselves as experts
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their following and influence on social media
  • Speakers, consultants, and coaches
  • Anyone wanting to better understand how to make the online space work for them

These 30 minute webinars are the perfect length to give you ideas, information, and inspiration without taking up your whole day.


BARE Essentials of Digital Marketing

Should you invest your time in Facebook or search engine optimization? Should you build an email list or spend money on online advertising? Should you be blogging, podcasting, or posting videos to YouTube? And how about investing in your website?!?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things you're supposed to do for your online marketing? Well, you're not alone! While there are so many things you could be doing, discover the framework that will help you to determine the essential things you should be focusing on to grow your business. It’s a framework that’s both simple and flexible, regardless of what your business does:

  • Build – How to build a website that converts traffic into leads
  • Attract – How to attract your ideal customers to your website
  • Retain – How to stay in touch with your visitors after they’ve left your site
  • Evaluate – How to measure your effort and results to improve your ROI

Discover what it takes to start generating more quality leads from your website from a digital marketing expert who’s been doing it for over 20 years!


How to Build an Effective Website for Your Small Business

Do you wish you were generating more leads from your website? Do you wish more people were taking action? Filling out your contact form? Picking up the phone? Buying something?

In short: is your website an expense or an investment?

In this online training, you’ll discover simple hacks that you can implement on your website that are proven to increase engagement and action from your website visitors.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use colors to increase engagement
  • How to guide your visitors to take a desired action
  • How to remove distractions and increase conversions
  • Which is better: an email link or a contact form
  • How to position photos of people on your site
  • How to generate more leads and sales from your website
    and a whole lot more!


Local SEO for Small Business

Does your business serve the local neighborhood, city, or metro area? Do you value “foot traffic” as much as “website traffic?” Or are you in a destination area, frequented by tourists looking for a place to stay, a bite to eat, or something to do?

If so, Local SEO is critical to your business.

Discover how you can rank higher in local search, gain visibility in Google maps, and other tricks that can help grow your “geographically challenged” business.


The Small Business Guide to Business Blogging

The Small Business Guide to Business MarketingHave you been thinking about starting a business blog because you’ve heard how they can improve your search engine visibility, establish you as a thought leader, and attract new prospects to your website? Or maybe you already have a blog but it’s not generating a lot of traffic or conversions and you’re wondering how to improve it?

In this online training, you’ll discover how to build a successful blog that will increase your search engine visibility, drive more qualified traffic to your website, and convert those visitors into leads and customers.

You’ll discover:

  • How to generate topic ideas and overcome “bloggers block”
  • The steps you need to take before writing
  • The most effective types of blog posts
  • How to craft a title for maximum effectiveness
  • How to use images the right way
  • How to leverage social media to attract more visitors
  • How (and why) to get guest blogging opportunities

Plus, we’ll answer your most pressing blogging questions:

  • How often do I need to blog?
  • How long should my blog post be?
  • How important are comments?
  • And many, many more. 🙂


How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for prospecting, generating leads, and building your business.

Whether you’re looking for people in a specific niche, company, or location, LinkedIn can help you identify and reach them. If you’re in a heavily-regulated industry, it can be your only approved social media outlet.

It can help you establish yourself as a though leader in your industry. It can help you attract new job offers, new clients, new vendors. And unlike Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t require a lot of time to quickly grow your network.

It’s one of the few under utilized social media platforms, and in this 30 minute online training, you’ll discover how you can use it to grow your business.


Getting Started with Google Analytics

Getting Started with Google Analytics WebinarDo you know how many people visited your website last year? Last month? Last week?

Did they find you from the search engines or a post on Facebook? Did they visit multiple pages on your site or bounce right away to your competitor? Are they local or from away?

Do you ever wonder which elements of your digital marketing is working and which ones are falling flat?

Well, with Google Analytics, you start to get answers to all your marketing questions. In this introduction to Google Analytics, you’ll discover how to set up Google Analytics the right way and some of the things you can do to get the most out of your traffic reports.


Google Analytics for Small Business

Sure, you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your website, but how often are you looking at your traffic reports? Do you know which reports are most important to your small business? How to find your best sources of qualified traffic? Where the weak spots are on your website? How much your Facebook traffic is actually worth?

In this online training, you’ll discover “how to read the tea leaves” of your own Google Analytics to make sense of the traffic coming to your site. How to shore up bad pages, discover new content ideas, how to move to page one on the search engines, and most importantly: how to generate more leads from your site.


SEO for Small Business

Would you like to rank higher at the search engines? Drive more search traffic to your website? Generate more leads from Google and Bing?

In this 30 minute online training you’ll discover the tools, tactics, and techniques you need to get on the first page of Google. You’ll learn how to uncover the best keyword opportunities and create content that answers your ideal customer’s search query. You’ll find simple ways to get more incoming links and boost your search engine visibility.



Email Marketing for Small Business

Do you want to build trust with your prospects? Stay in touch with people after they’ve left your site? Generate more leads and sales online?

The answer to all these problems is email marketing.

By focusing on growing your subscribe base you can greatly increase your ability to engage and sell to people who are interested in hearing from you.

In this 30 minute, all content, no fluff webinar, you'll see:

  • six different methods to build your email list,
  • how to develop an irresistible offers,
  • how to segment your list for better engagement,
  • how to write subject lines that practically open themselves, and
  • how to get people to take action