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Did your last Facebook ad campaign stall out? Pull it back up at flyte. We help our clients take advantage of Facebook’s deep understanding of your ideal customers, powerful ad platform options, competitive bidding process, all to generate a higher ROI on the world’s most popular social media platform.

In the world of online advertising, Facebook is a chartered flight. No online advertising platform offers the customization and lead conversion capabilities of Facebook. Facebook is filled with high-income internet traffic that can be targeted and retargeted right to your content at a price per click that continues to drop.

Through audience screening, strategic marketing plans, compelling creative development (including video), endless optimization, and targeting and retargeting, our Facebook ad experts pull your best leads from their news feeds and send them into your sales funnel.

Find your perfect passengers.

There are over two billion active users on Facebook every day and Facebook has learned so much about them they can’t wait to share with you. We use demographics, psychographics, and customer profiles to pull together your perfect audience for each Facebook ad campaign. And flyte can show you how retargeting strategies can follow your leads from your website back to their Facebook feeds.

In-flight entertainment.

Our digital design team builds amazing ads and videos that get your prospects to “slow their scroll,” leading to much higher recall and conversion rates.

Go faster on less fuel.

Facebook’s internal optimization tools take your ad up a notch with every interaction. Our Facebook Ad data analysts take it further still. Through split testing, traffic patterns, and more, flyte makes sure your Facebook ad campaign goes further, faster.

Always at the controls.

How does your business measure success? At flyte, we don’t just count clicks. We count conversions: email signups, event registrations, online purchases, and phone calls.

Measuring impact with meaningful metrics helps us make decisions about how and when to optimize your ads. These metrics also save you money. The flyte Facebook Ad team can help you budget for your ad campaign based on lifetime customer value and other acquisition costs and calibrate your budget to protect your profits.

Was your last Facebook ad campaign more of a fly-by? Let our Facebook ad team inspect it.

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My Experience with flyte

“We’ve worked with Rich, John and their flyte team for years and they are a breeze to work with especially when they introduce us to new technology like GA4 and AI.  They also knocked it out of the park for us for our 23rd Annual Maine Family Business Awards with their strategic Linked in and Facebook ad campaigns.  We received more than 500 nominations from all across Maine, smashing our previous record. They are proactive, use Basecamp (which helps keep us all on track) and they are so knowledgeable and quick to respond.  We can’t say enough about this amazing team and how lucky we are to work with them!”

Catherine Wygant Fossett - Institute for Family-Owned Businesses
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