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Tenji Aquarium Design + Build


Tenji needed a new website that looked as sleek and vibrant as the aquariums they built, and performed as well on mobile as it did on desktop. They also needed to drive more traffic through the search engines and get in front of a search audience from around the world. 

Up until the redesign, the team at Tenji struggled with a website that was clunky to manage and prevented them from keeping their portfolio and information up-to-date. It had become a chore to manage rather than a marketing tool that garnered traffic and drove new leads.


After researching organic search behavior for the aquarium design industry, our team developed an optimized site navigation with target keywords for each webpage. 

Working with Tenji we developed a visually stunning yet simple website that included a new, interactive portfolio that put their aquarium projects front and center. 

During the design process we kept ease-of-navigation both for their customers and their internal team top of mind. On the new website we implemented keyword optimized web copy and SEO meta data to capitalize on high intent searchers.

All of our SEO work and design process went hand-in-hand with continual communication and training with the folks at Tenji. By the time they received the website, they felt comfortable editing the content and had an understanding of the research behind our design and copywriting. Additionally, we set them up with Google Analytics and equipped them with the knowledge to analyze the data found there.

Project Highlights

Increase in Mobile Traffic YoY

Increase in Unique Pageviews to Portfolio YoY

Number of Ranked Keywords in Top 20 Within First Year After Launch

My Experience With flyte


Tenji greatly enjoyed working with Flyte to design our website. Flyte took the time to educate us on the essential elements that make a website successful. We walked away having learned so much during the process, from how to analyze our competitors’ sites to the importance of SEO. They had a lot of documents and resources available for us to take advantage of, and we felt extremely supported during the entire process.

One of the copywriters from Flyte transformed our project pages from aquarium industry jargon to science terms that are accessible to everyone. When our project ended, we felt like we were left with an amazing site, in addition to the support needed to keep growing.

We’d highly recommend working with Flyte for any of your website needs.

Ed Seidel, Tenji Aquarium Design + Build