Digital Marketing Consulting & Training

Copilot. Wingman. Control Tower.

Maybe you’re a digital marketing do-it-yourselfer who just needs a little direction. Or your marketing has leveled off, and you need help elevating it to the next level. Or you aren’t sure about your destination, and you need help fleshing out your itinerary.

Wherever you find yourself, we never stop thinking of innovative ways to elevate and accelerate your business.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Consulting

Our marketing team at flyte can sit down with you virtually or in person, and advise you on how to develop and implement your own marketing plan. Typically, we meet with our clients to determine their business objectives (destination,) identify their best customers (passengers,) and map out a path to success (itinerary.)

We meet with clients weekly or monthly to review activity, results, and make adjustments as needed. We can be more active, and act as your co-pilot, or step back and be your wingman…whatever is going to help you the most.

Training for You and Your Team

If you just have some very tactical needs–how to write more effective blogs, how to start a podcast, or how to prospect for new leads on LinkedIn–we can help you there, too.

We’ll customize a training program that can be delivered live or on demand, tailored for your exact industry, audience, and business.

Where do you want to fly today?

When Rich Brooks takes the stage at Social Media Marketing World or sits down with a reporter or broadcaster for a national media outlet, he shares the digital marketing insight that helps so many businesses and entrepreneurs take flight. When he, or any member of the flyte crew, sits down at our conference table for a personalized consultation, you receive the perfect digital marketing strategy or solution tailored just for you.

If you are stalling out or struggling, the flyte crew is here to help you course correct and hit your cruising altitude.

You don’t need to know if you need a new website or a paid search campaign or help managing your social media channels to come in for a chat. You just need to know where you want to go, how fast you want to get there, and how much fuel you have for the journey.

Our personalized flyte plans solve persistent problems. Streamline systems and personnel efforts. And show you where to best focus your precious time and resources to grow your business online as fast as possible.

At flyte, we build real relationships with our clients over long and successful journeys because we care about the return on your investment as much as you do. After all, we are business owners, too.

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My Experience With flyte
Outperforming Some of the Biggest Players in Our Industry

“flyte helped us overhaul and improve our online presence. They merged multiple sites into a new, professional website for our company that generates more leads and requests for quotes.

They improved our search visibility through keyword research, SEO copywriting, and better internal links. They improved our Google Ads by auditing our current spend, shutting off underperforming ads, reducing our cost per acquisition, and creating landing pages that convert. They were then able to hand back the reigns to us so we could run our own ads.

Through flyte’s work on our SEO and SEM, we’re now outperforming some of the biggest players in our industry. The people at flyte are responsive and always bring us new strategies and tactics to grow our business. I’m glad we partnered with them.”

~ Whit Lee, Maine Industrial Plastics & Rubber
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