Social Media Marketing & Communication

Build Your Runway with Social Media Marketing

Social media has gone from a forward thinking, blue ocean, communication channel to a requirement for companies who want to attract and engage an audience. Your customers expect you to be active on the social media channels where they hang out.

At its best, social media can build brand equity, improve customer engagement, and generate traffic and conversions.

At its worst, it can be a distracting time suck, a minefield of poor customer interactions, and a PR nightmare. 

At flyte, our team stays active on social media and on top of the latest news, trends, and changes for each platform. Whether you need training for your team or you’re looking to outsource your social media communication and monitoring entirely, let our social media experts develop a plan that’s right for you, creating real connections with your customers across multiple channels.

Content Creation

In-flight entertainment. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube give companies the chance to build engaged communities and leverage them for leads, sales, and growth. When creating quality content and optimizing it across channels for maximum impact becomes a heavy lift for businesses, they turn to flyte.

Our social media marketing and digital design teams provide unique and informative posts supported by strong visuals and multimedia content to tell your story, educate your customers, and promote your products and services.

Channel Management

Check in with the control tower. Social media lets you connect with customers to handle requests, share information, and promote your company in real time—if you are paying attention. Monitoring your social media channels effectively can be challenging but missing a customer question or failing to respond to a negative review is more than a missed opportunity. It can be damaging for your professional reputation.

Let flyte’s social media experts train your team, set up AI solutions like chatbots, or co-pilot your social channels to monitor your online reputation and keep the lines of communication clear.

Targeted Advertising and Retargeting

Tracking multiple flight paths. Just like the large and diverse crowds you see in airports, everyone online has a different interests and a different intended destination. How can your business capture their attention and change their course? By carefully calibrating your social media content to the right audience on the appropriate channel—and by following promising leads as they click their way across the web.

Flyte social media and digital marketing teams work together to develop strategic audience screens, set up targeting and retargeting, and customize your content marketing for each channel.

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