Social Media Marketing, Training and Consulting for Small Business

How do you turn “likes” into leads?

Social media marketing is not free. It takes time, money and resources to engage your ideal customers and turn “likes” into leads.

You’re competing not just with other companies for your prospect’s attention on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but also with their friends and family.

To make social media work for you, you need to create valuable content that addresses your ideal customer’s biggest pain points.

It requires finding where your audience hangs out online, talking with them about their concerns, and consistently providing value.

It also requires having a sound strategy, implementing your plan, and measuring your results.

Social media marketing: platforms and networking.

At flyte, we divide social media into two camps: platforms and networking.

Platforms are opportunities for you to share your expertise, provide longer form content, and start discussions. They tend to be places that you own or have some level of control over.

Your blog is a platform. So is your YouTube channel, your podcast, Slideshare account, even a webinar could be considered a social media platform.

Networking tends to cover places where we engage other people in conversations. The online equivalent of Chamber events or business meetups.

Examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. You don’t own these platforms, but you can find and engage your audience there.

What is social media marketing success?

To succeed with social media platforms, you need to create unique, valuable content that addresses your ideal customer’s biggest pain points.

To succeed with social media networking, you’ll need to develop a compelling profile, listen to your audience’s conversations and concerns, and above all, provide value.

You’ll also need to persuade your ideal customer to leave their social media channel of choice to visit your website where you can “talk business.”

Managing your time and expectations.

If you’re new to social media, or not finding much success there, we can help. We can develop a Digital Marketing Action Plan tailored for your business that will help you uncover your best opportunities for success.

We can run your Facebook campaigns. Write your blog posts. Manage your Twitter account.

We can create editorial calendars, train you and your staff, and help you measure your results.

Whether you need to be pointed in the right direction or want to outsource your entire social media activity, we have the expertise and experience to deliver results.

Talk to us today about your social media marketing, and watch it take flyte.