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Email List Building: What’s OK?

Today’s topic: when is it OK to take email addresses you’ve collected and add them to your email marketing campaign?

I’m having a dilemma. I’m trying to balance the needs of my clients to ethically market their services while protecting them from becoming spammers. Everyone hates spammers, so no one wants to look in the mirror and see one looking back at them.

First: How flyte defined spam:
Specifically, the issue at hand is how do we handle emails that they’ve collected over time? I was always in the camp that said if you didn’t get permission to add them to your email mailing list, you can’t add them.

* If they bought a product in your store but didn’t ask to be added to your email list, don’t add them.
* If they contacted you to ask a question about a product or service, but didn’t ask to be added to your email mailing list, don’t add them.
* If you bought a list from a 3rd party, FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T ADD THEM!

And so on…

When clients did come with a list of previous customers, vendors and associates they were often upset that we wouldn’t add them to the email mailing list…yet they also hated spam and spammers.

Often I suggested that we send out an “invitation email” to this list. It consisted of the following:

Constant Contact, Topica & AWeber

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