Why Can’t I Post to my Facebook Page as Myself?

Facebook now allows you to post and comment on your business page as yourself. But what happens if you can't?

Dear Rich,

I've watched your video on how to post to your Facebook page as yourself. I followed your directions exactly, but I'm still unable to comment on anything on my page as myself…it always defaults to my business. PLEASE HELP!!!

–Frustrated in Farmington

Dear Frustrated,

I feel your pain.

I recently realized that although I could post on the flyte new media page on Facebook (like us!) as myself, when I tried to do so for another page I administer–Social Media FTW–I was forced to post and comment as the event.

Because of this discrepancy I decided to dig a little deeper and I found out what the problem was. Hopefully this will help you as well.

So, if you've been struggling with commenting on your Facebook business page as yourself, be sure to check your page settings and make sure they're configured correctly as this could be the ticket.

flyte new media
Er, I mean Rich Brooks