What Not To Do with Your Facebook Ad

I love Facebook Ads, in fact I think that they offer amazing opportunities for those with smaller budgets to get in front of the right audience.  With that said, if you are going to create an ad, you should take the time to make sure it's going to be an effective one.

Take for instance this ad I saw yesterday on my wall for a pillow.

I loved the pillows so I actually clicked on the ad.  However, it takes me to a web page off Facebook.  Which is fine, because I expected that from the ad showing the url, however, it doesn't bring me to the pillows at all.  It brings me to a pop up window that asks me to sing up for membership.

Now, because it didn't lead me to what I wanted and I didn't want to sign up for membership, I left the site immediately.  Which means, the advertiser was charged for my click, but I didn't not make a purchase or become a member, which were probably two of their goals for the ad. DON'T run an ad like this!

Next ad… And this one is much better I admit, because it actually brings you to the image of what they are advertising for and a very quick form to fill out to purchase the item.

However, rather than bringing me off page to their website, they should have an ability to purchase from their Facebook page, keeping me where I want to be and possibly gaining a “Like” from me, so I see more of their updates for FREE!

And, the last Ad is a great example of what to do with your Facebook Ads. 

This ad keeps me on Facebook, asks me to “Like” the page which encourages further interaction/engagement down the road, tells me a friend of mine likes it and lets me know what I can expect to get from liking the Facebook page.

Now, not all Facebook ads HAVE to point back to a Facebook page.  However, in my experience the ones that do see better results.

So, how should you set up your Facebook ad?

– Don't point them to external pages off of Facebook (keep your audience where they want to be)
– Don't mislead if you are showing them an image that you are selling, lead them to that page
– Do ask for a like (you want your dollar to go further than that one click)
– Do have an eCommerce landing page on your Facebook page
– Do tell them what they will receive or can expect for becoming a fan
– Keep it social, people are more likely to “Like” a page a fan likes

So, get out there and create GOOD ads.  Good Luck!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Facebook Advertiser