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When you do a Google search on what you want to be found for–whether it’s sales consultanttoner cartridges, or CPA near me, do you see ads at the top of the page?

If so, and if that search is important to the growth of your business, then you need to invest in paid search, (aka Google Ads, search engine marketing (SEM,) or pay-per-click ads (PPC.)

First class SEM campaigns

Just like complimentary meals on airlines, generating leads online without paying is a perk of the past. Google handles almost 4 billion searches every day and generates most of its revenue through people clicking on ads.

Your ideal customer doesn’t care that the top results were paid for, they just want solutions to their problems. They’re not going to wade through millions of results to find you, they’re going to click on the first relevant link.

To make sure your potential leads and customers find your company in that crush of content, you are going to need to pay. And if you want that investment to pay off in new customers and sales, you need flyte.

We can help uncover your most promising keywords, write your ads, manage the bidding process (how ads appear and in what order), create your landing pages, and make sure you’re getting a positive ROI.

Keyword Bidding

Bump your competition. Are your competitors bidding on your best keywords? It’s a move that can stunt your business growth—and you need to stop it. Flyte can help you take back your most competitive search terms and turn them into leads and conversions.

Audience Targeting & Microtargeting

Not all clicks are worth the cost. The success of any paid advertising campaign does not count on how many people see it but on which people see it. Because worthless clicks waste your money, flyte’s PPC experts apply strategic screens to all of your ads.

We can optimize your ads by running them in specific geographic areas, limiting them to certain times of day, and hiding them from tire-kickers who have no intent of making a purchase.

Continual Optimization

We don’t fly on autopilot. The difference between a good PPC campaign and one that truly takes off is ongoing optimization. Flyte’s digital advertising team stays in the cockpit, relentlessly monitoring incoming data to steer around storms and take advantage of tailwinds. We watch over your paid search campaign so that you don’t have to—and with our steady hand on the controls, your ROI will start to rise.

The Data to Change Your Trajectory

A high quality PPC campaign is a short hop to more successful SEO. The same data that drives our optimization efforts can also chart a better course for your other search engine optimization efforts. Talk to your flyte team about the ways paid search metrics can reinforce your website copy and metadata, blogging titles and topics, and social media strategies.

Does your current paid search just need a course correction? Bring us your current campaign or your keyword wishlist and we will tell you how to raise your ROI.

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