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How to write a blog post…One of the top questions I get asked by clients is if I have a template that I use for a blogposts, or a checklist of sorts that I go by when writing a post. So, since it seems to be such a common question I created a very basic blogging template to use when writing for SEO. Of course there may be differing opinions on how to best set up your post, but the tips below have worked well for us here at flyte.

Before you start: Conduct a mini keyword analysis. You can do this by visiting Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. It's free and easy to use. For this particular post I typed in the following…

blog post keyword analysis– blogpost
– blog post
– blog post template
– Blog post checklist

Once you have you've chosen your keywords for the particular post there are a few places where it's important to add them.

Blog Title (Most important place for Keywords):

Usually we like to word it in a way where you can repeat it naturally or reword your keywords.

Ex. Keyword phrase “10 Tips on Writing a blog post | How to write a blog post”


Incorporate keywords early on, first sentence if you can.

We usually start off with a brief sentence answering the question in the title using the keywords, or a brief 1 to 2 sentence description of what they’ll find below incorporating keywords.

Incorporate the keywords and version of the keyword phrase throughout the body content.

Create links on the post that go back to your website or another blog post that is appropriate for the content. Hyperlinking the keywords adds a little more SEO weight.


Adding a photo makes the post a little more interesting. Make sure that you fill in alt text describing the photo using keywords and  name the picture using a keyword, ex. “blogpost keyword search.jpg”

Steps to take before posting:

  • Tag your post with appropriate keywords
  • Select appropriate categories
  • Use AllinOneSEO Plugin

Steps after posting:

  • Tweet it out
  • Share on Facebook (or set up Networked Blogs)
  • +1 it
  • Ask your network to help you push out the post

Basic writing tips:

  • Write in short paragraphs
  • Add bullet points or numbering
  • Word the title in a way someone would type it into a search in Google
  • Make it easily scanable and digestible
  • Posts should be 300 – 500 words
  • Include intrasite links

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