How Do I Make Sure People Can Find My Facebook Page in a Facebook Search?

Facebook Search How to ensure your Facebook Page appears when users type different iterations of your company name into Facebook Search?

Dear flyte crew,

I am hoping you can give me a little guidance. In talking with a client, they mentioned our Facebook page is not easy to find on Facebook. So, I asked one of my colleagues to go to Facebook and type several different versions of our name to see if we would pop up on the page. Here’s what happened.

If you typed in the full name of the page, we showed up. But, if you typed in just half of the title, or a different version of the title we didn't. 

Is there anything I can do so we show up with any of these iterations?

Findless in Facebook

So, how do you make sure that your page is easy to find within Facebook's limited search options?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Optimize your URL/Title: If you haven't already, Create a Username and Page Title that are optimized.
  • About Section: Start using some of these variations in the “about” section. Using different versions of your company name as well as keywords may help others find your page.
  • Info Section: Sprinkle keywords not only throughout your about sections but throughout all info sections you have at your disposal. The more information you can add the better.
  • Updates/Posts: Your posts show up in Facebook searches, so make sure that you are also incorporating these iterations and keywords throughout your status updates.
  • Creating Apps/Tabs: Also creating more tabs on the page that are named with appropriate keyword terms and have keyword rich content may help.
  • Link Building: Some folks think that linking to your page also helps boost it's SEO, although it's hard to tell if this is true. If so, links to your page work like links to a website. They pass on some value. Maybe try linking to your Facebook page in a few of your blog posts.

It's important to note that Facebook searches are not the same for all on Facebook. It will suggest things that it thinks best fit your search based on your past searches, likes, locations etc. And, if someone already likes the page the likelihood that you show up when they start typing your name is increased.

Folks are used to the imperfect search system of Facebook. Which as of last week has been updated slightly, check out the Facebook search updates here. Many will keep typing in variations until they see what they are looking for. But, including these suggestions within your content and page may help to make it a bit easier for folks to find you.

These tips have helped me within my pages. What seems to be working for you?