How Alltop Can Help You Find the Best Blogs and Best Guest Blogging Opportunities

A little background

Google doesn't do a great job listing popular blogs. Historically, Bloggers have been forced to make lists of influential blogs and bloggers. Then, Guy Kawasaki created Alltop; a glorified collection of (the best of the best) blogs. Guy started by creating lists by hand and organizing them into categories.

How to make sense of Alltop

Alltop has hundreds of niches, from SEO to Auto Racing to American Idol. So start by searching for your niche.

Searches don't just search for the topic you search for; you'll also have related topics served up. The other topics will help expand your focus as well as inspire you. After choosing a category, you'll find the most influential blogs at the top of the page:

Then, use this list to search for influential blogs for both links and guest blogging opportunities.

How to find the best guest blogging opportunities

Some guest blogging opportunities are going to get you more bang for your buck than others. Once you've found a few blogs you'd be interested in blogging for, start by doing a little background.

1. Scan Alltop

Scan through the blogs at Alltop and pick blogs near the top that look interesting.

2. 5-Step Checklist

Go through this checklist, making sure it's somewhere you want to write:

  1. Feedburner subscriber count
  2. Twitter link – Are they on Twitter? How active?
  3. Comment count
  4. About page and/or advertiser page
  5. Commonalities in the blogroll

3. Do they allow guest posts?

Do a quick search on Google to see if they allow guest posts (Google site:[website] “written by” or “guest blog” or “guest post”) or just ask:

Hey, quick question. I'd really like to do a post for <blog name>, but I couldn't tell if you allow guest posts. Would you be open to running a few ideas past you?

<Your Name>

Making it Manageable

  • Every day, choose a different topic and go through all of the blogs
  • Set a time for 30 minutes, and then do as many as you can before the time goes off
  • Only go through 10 or so blogs per day
  • Don't try to do it all at once. Do a little every day, slowly getting to know the blogosphere