What Is Clubhouse?

“What is the Clubhouse app?” you might be asking yourself. Marketers, owners, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks have life have been flocking to Clubhouse and talking about it on other social media sites. Is Clubhouse like a podcast? A call-in radio show? A new social media platform?

“Rich Brooks donned his tech guru hat for our local NBC affiliates to discuss what Clubhouse is and how people are using it to connect, build a platform, and grow their business.”

It's been a while since a new social media platform has really taken root, but Clubhouse just might be the next big thing! 

So, what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-centric social media platform where users can listen to, participate in, and start conversations on virtually any topic they choose (within the structure of the app). 
While some have described it as an “audio only” platform like podcasting, there is an important element of screen engagement during most of your experience. 

Why is it gaining so much popularity?  

Clubhouse’s recent popularity seems to stem from a few different factors; this app is different than most popular platforms right now in that it favors audio over visual, and more people than ever before are working from home and looking for new social outlets.
Of course, the fact that there are already several big name celebrities using it probably doesn’t hurt either. This is perhaps one of the biggest driving factors of the app’s sudden success–the access you have to these otherwise unreachable individuals like Drake, Kevin Heart, and even Oprah!  
Clubhouse Lobbies

How is the Clubhouse app used?

It should be mentioned first that not everyone currently has access to Clubhouse, in part because it’s only available on iOS–but also because the app is purposefully restricting the number of new members they take on as they scale up. Users can request access approval from someone they know already using Clubhouse, or must be sent an invitation from an existing user. 
Once admitted, the opened app brings you to a “hallway” (the Clubhouse equivalent of a FAcebook/LinkedIn newsfeed) where you can view “rooms” where others are engaging in conversation. Rooms are recommended based on your interests, connections, and “clubs” you’ve joined. From there, you’re just a click away from engaging with other other users. 

What are these “rooms” like?

Clubhouse rooms are set up like a room at a conference, with a host on stage, either alone or with another user. Oftentimes rooms are used for Q&A style discussions, where the host can call on other users to ask questions that they or their panelists can answer. 
You can learn more about specific hosts or audience members simply by clicking on their profile, where you also have the ability to follow them–similar to most other social platforms. 

Is it easy to start your own room? 

The process is pretty simple! Within the hallway is a “Start a Room” button. Once clicked, you can decide whether you want your room open to everyone, just your contacts, or completely private. Name your room, and you’re good to go! 
Personal Clubhouse Feed

How have people been using the app? 

Like many other platforms, Clubhouse can be utilized for personal or professional means. While some enjoy learning and listening, others are looking for another platform to build their business, network, or make new connections. 

What are your thoughts on Clubhouse? 

While I do find the app interesting, I personally prefer a little more visual engagement than Clubhouse provides. Though it’s similar to listening to podcasts, I can’t seem to enjoy this app passively the way I do a podcast.
Many social media platforms use algorithms designed to show you content based on your historical interest, which is great in theory, but can often lead to those platform’s feeds feeling like an echo chamber. Clubhouse has been unique so far in that the user base I’m being shown is very diverse (though they may just be showing me everyone because the app is still new). 
I would say that if you enjoy podcasts or talk radio, and currently use an iOS device (though their Android version is reportedly underway), then Clubhouse is absolutely worth a try!