How to Add Google Search Console to Your GA4 Property

Congratulations on successfully installing Google Analytics 4 and tracking your website activity! To get the most out of Google Analytics 4 metrics and tracking tools you'll want to make sure you've activated Google Search Console. Activating this tool gives you access to important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metrics such as Search Queries and In-Page Analytics. This post will show you step-by-step how to connect your Search Console to your Google Analytics 4.

Step by Step Instructions to Set up Google Search Console in GA4

  1. Log into your Google Analytics 4 account and find the settings wheel in the bottom left corner.
    GSC to GA4 Step 1 - flyte new media

  2. In the second column, you’ll want to scroll down until you find Search Console Links
    GSC to GA4 Step 2 - flyte new media

  3. Now click the blue Link button
    GSC to GA4 Step 3  - flyte new media

  4. Type in the name of the website you want to connect to the GA4 property.
    GSC to GA4 Step 4 - flyte new media

  5. You’ll then be prompted to
    1. Connect property, click Next
    2. Choose the Web Stream
    3. Click Next & Submit
      GSC to GA4 Step 5 - flyte new media

Your Google Search Console account is now active within your Google Analytics 4 property! Congrats! Unfortunately, you have no reports to look at! There are an extra few steps that you’ll need to take to ensure that you can easily navigate to those.

Integrating Google Search Console With Your GA4 Reports

  1. Go into your Reports. In the bottom left hand corner, click on Library.
    GSC Collection to GA4 Step 1 - flyte new media
  2. From there, you’ll want to find the Search Console
    GSC Collection to GA4 Step 2 and 3 - flyte new media
  3. Click the three dots and Publish the collection.
  4. Go back to your reports and you’ll now see a new section called Search Console.
    GSC Collection to GA4 Step 4 - flyte new media

Once you have linked your Google Search Console property to your GA4 property, you will be able to see data from Search Console in your Analytics reports. This data can help you to understand how people are finding your website through organic search, and how they are interacting with your content once they arrive.

Why do we connect Google Search Console to GA4?

Here are some of the benefits of connecting Google Search Console to Google Analytics 4:

  • Improved insights into organic search performance: You can see how your website ranks for different keywords, and how many people are clicking on your listings in search results.
  • Better understanding of user behavior: You can see which pages on your website are most popular with organic search users, and how long they spend on each page.
  • More effective optimization: You can use this data to identify opportunities to improve your website's ranking in search results, and to create content that is more likely to be clicked on by users.

If you are not already using Google Search Console, I encourage you to set it up. It is a valuable tool for any website owner, and it can be even more powerful when used in conjunction with Google Analytics 4. If you’re still having trouble feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on flyte’s marketing team to assist you with the process!

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