Attend BlogWorld in LA…In Your Pajamas!

Attend BlogWorld in LA with a Virtual Ticket and see more than you would if you were there.

I'll be attending my 6th BlogWorld next week, and although I'll miss the Vegas scene, I'm looking forward to connecting with remote friends and learning from the best and the brightest marketers out there.

I haven't promoted my presentation there (more on that in a moment) because to be honest, I know LA is a long haul for most of you. Besides the cost of hotel, travel & food, there's also all that time away from your business and family.

Even when I heard about the “Virtual Ticket“, it didn't immediately grab my attention. I mean, many of these type of events are live streamed these days, so what makes BlogWorld's Virtual Ticket any different?

But here's why the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket totally rocks:

  • You can attend all of the 100+ sessions, even when they're on at the same time! Plus you'll get bonus material, including speaker info, extra material, audio and video, and more!
  • You'll get behind the scenes extras, including exclusive interviews with speakers, attendees and more.
  • You'll get all of this at a fraction of the cost of a real ticket.
  • You'll get to attend the session I'm doing with Denise Wakeman entitled ‘Hey Bloggers!' How to Package, Promote & Profit from Your Expertise .
  • Did I mention the part about your pajamas?

Are you ready to learn more and purchase your virtual ticket?

Here's the deal: while I can't vouch for the virtual ticket because I have never missed a BlogWorld I can vouch for the event itself. Of all the conferences and events I attend, this is the event where I learn the most, get the best information, and have the most valuable takeaways. Period.

If you're looking to increase your online visibility, improve your search engine rank, and build your business, you owe it to yourself to check out the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket.

Rich Brooks
BlogWorld Aficionado