ABA Marketing Minutes

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Since I can't share everything in a minute, I'm including some free training videos that we've created here at flyte. As I release more Marketing Minutes, I'll add relevant videos to this collection, so check back after each podcast episode!

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How to Build an Effective Website for Your Small Business

Do you wish you were generating more leads from your website? Do you wish more people were taking action? Filling out your contact form? Picking up the phone? Buying something?

In short: is your website an expense or an investment?

In this online training, you’ll discover simple hacks that you can implement on your website that are proven to increase engagement and action from your website visitors.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use colors to increase engagement
  • How to guide your visitors to take a desired action
  • How to remove distractions and increase conversions
  • Which is better: an email link or a contact form
  • How to position photos of people on your site
  • How to generate more leads and sales from your website
    and a whole lot more!

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