10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Website

10questionsI wrote the original “10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Website” back in 1997 and updated it back in 2002.

It's always been one of the most popular pages on our website, judging from the number of times it's been accessed and the number of times it's been “emailed to a friend.”

It's also been stolen at least four times that I'm aware of. The latest time got me to re-read the article and realize that it needed more than an update, it needed an overhaul.

So, I spent some time posing the questions that I would ask today, if I was about to set up a new site.

Questions about business goals, target audience, Web marketing and writing copy.

I also added my favorite website tools that I think will help the sales and marketing of any small business, association or professional who puts them to use on their site.

This free report will be helpful for anyone who's thinking about their very first website, or just the latest incarnation.

Check it out.

Rich Brooks
Asking the Tough Questions