10 Questions To Ask Before Setting Up a Website – 2012 Edition

10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a WebsiteWhat questions should you ask yourself and your web developer before setting up a website?

Whether you're building your first website or ready to revamp your current website, there are important questions to ask if you want a website that will:

  • increase your online visibility
  • attract more qualified traffic, and
  • convert that traffic into leads and business.

I wrote my first “10 Questions” as my second (print!) newsletter back in 1997 that included such questions as:

  • should I get my own domain name? and
  • are my customers online?

I rewrote the article in 2002, and that version is still one of the most popular pages on our site. In fact, it's been plagiarized multiple times since it's original publication, including by the US government! (For real! My brother helped me send a cease and desist letter.) I've been told plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

After that I revamped it again and offered it up as a lead generation tool for our email newsletter, flyte log.

A couple of weeks back I reread it, and realized again the web had made this article feel dated. So here it is: the 2012 edition of 10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Website.

The article has evolved, and now many of the questions focus on generating more online leads from your website and measuring your success.

Why 2012 when we're still in 2011? Two words: Shelf. Life.

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Rich Brooks
Still Asking Questions, 14 Years Later

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