How Do I Set Up a Facebook Ad Manager Account for My Client?

….When they don’t have an existing Facebook Ad Manager account??

Recently, I was helping a client launch a Facebook Advertising campaign that I was going be managing. Eager to get the campaign launched, I shared with our client the usual instructions for adding a new Ad Manager to your Facebook account, which is simple as adding a new user under your Ad Manager Settings. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.39.10 PM

But in this particular case, our client was brand new to Facebook Advertising. So, they didn’t have a Facebook Ad Manager account to which they could add me.

To add to the trickiness of the situation, Facebook is currently set up to begin an Ad Manager account for people as they create and place an order for their ads.

Obviously, since I was going to be the one setting up and managing this client’s initial Facebook Advertising campaign, it made zero sense for the client to go through the entire process of creating a mock Facebook Ad just to start their Ad Manager account.

Setting up a client’s Facebook Ad campaign under your private account isn’t ideal, either.

This is because it makes you the personal owner of the account, which would freeze out the client or a different, future ad manager, if there comes a time when you are no longer associated with the account.

Setting a new Facebook Ad Manager account up with your client’s Facebook account is definitely optimal. And the good news – it’s totally possible, even when your client doesn’t already have a Facebook Ad Manager set up.

Here’s what do to…

Step One – Bypass having to create an ad in order to activate a Facebook Ad Manager account

Have your client log into Facebook through this url:

They’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 2.16.31 PM

Step Two – In this screen, have your client scroll down to Ad Account Roles & select Add User.

Ad Account Roles


Ask your client to use the email address associated with your Facebook account to add you and make sure you allow email searches (at least place your settings that way for the day you set up).

Add a New User

After they enter your email, make sure they select the Ad Account Advertiser as your role, so you have full access to creating and managing their Facebook Advertising campaigns.

After they click “Submit” – you should receive a Notification from Facebook letting you know that you’ve been given access to their Ad Manager account (#Win).

But – The process doesn’t end here! Once your client has added you to their Ad Manager account, they’ll need to enter their credit card information, so the ads can be billed once running.

Step Three – To add payment information. Select Billing from the Account Settings screen.

Billing 1

 They will arrive at a screen that looks like this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 2.11.28 PM

From here, they should select Payment Methods and select the method they wish to use for payments.

Add Payment

And then enter their payment information, hitting Submit to confirm. And you now have a fully set up Facebook Ad Manager account under your client’s name/account and with full permission to manage the ads. 

Credit Enter FinalConclusion

Setting up your client’s Facebook Ad Manager account under their ownership is the optimal way to establish a client with Facebook advertising. It will be their account, they can establish who can (and can’t) manage it, and they’ll keep ownership of it no matter who comes and goes with regards to managing their Facebook ad campaign.

What are some Facebook Ad Manager processes you’ve developed to make life easier for your clients (and yourself)? Leave a comment and let us know!

Katrina Crowell

Freezing Cold Facebook Ad Manager

  • Great little how to with Ads Manager Client set up.

  • This often drives my slightly crazy trying to explain. Thank you for the screenshots, they help! 🙂

  • Hassan Amin Chaudhry

    what if we have to create and manage an ad account for client. is it allowed? can we make multiple ad accounts for multiple clients?

  • Hassan Amin Chaudhry

    assuming that clients are ok with that

  • You can do that in business manager.

  • Hassan Amin Chaudhry

    i had a personal ad account when i was using my personal facebook account. when i upgraded i think i imported my personal ad account into business manager. and now when i create new ad account account it says no payment methods. what should i do. can i not link one ad account payment method with all ad accounts or should i have one payment method for my business manager which can be used for all ad accounts in business manager. in this case can i add my same credit card number to my business manager payment method which i have previously added to my personal ad account still functional in business manager

  • Its best to have each ads account in business manager have its own unique CC. Because if 1 CC goes down and its attached to all your accounts – then ALL your accounts will get flagged.

    Find a way to get more cards and add a new card to your business manager ads accounts and have 1 main card attached to BM.

    If you can not add payment, it could be because that ads account is banned. Does it say the ads accounts is inactive and ask you to contact facebook when you go to where you create campaigns ?

  • Hassan Amin Chaudhry

    I did not face problems creating an ad account. i can create it but the issue is only with payment method. for now i only have one credit card. so that means that i can add the same CC for all ad accounts. I kn ow the ideal situation is to have more CC but for now can i use one CC for all individual ad accounts and my business manager. and is it possible that i add payment method to my business manager and it is incorporated in all ad accounts i create?

  • Yes its possible to add the same card.

  • Katrina Crowell

    Hi Guys – Great discussion thread on this post! I agree on it being ideal to have separate CC info for your different accounts, so that if anything happens with one card, it won’t impact all campaigns. And also, just to make life easier for yourself in not having to invoice clients for ad spend balances on your CC. But, if you have to work with one card for now, it should be possible to select using the same card/payment method across all of your accounts.

  • Hassan Amin Chaudhry

    Welcome in Katrina- by the way the part of the world where i live it’s very difficult to have even a single CC. Anyway lets take this discussion a bit further. Can we not just go into contact with Facebook and have a direct bank transfers for larger campaigns. Anyone knows about that. Facebook does not have an office in my country.