Crew (In Order of Appearance)


Rich Brooks – President

Rich started b1 communications–now flyte new media–in his living room in 1997. His design skills, project management, and ability to understand even the most basic accounting concepts have required him to hire much smarter and more talented people than himself.

Regardless, Rich seems to think a lot of himself and calls himself an “Internet Marketing Expert.” Apparently, he likes to talk to himself in the third person as well.

Rich loves to hear the sound of his own voice, so you can often hear him speaking in front of both local and national audiences on web design and Internet marketing. He founded The Agents of Change Podcast, a weekly Internet radio show where he interviews marketing experts from around the world. He also started The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference, an annual conference that takes place in Portland, Maine, and is streamed worldwide.

Rich is also the “tech expert” on 207, an evening news program on the NBC affiliates here in Maine.

He creates most of the content here at flyte, contributing to our web marketing blog, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook business page.

He’s an Expert Blogger at and contributes regularly to Social Media Examiner, the world’s second most popular blogs on social media marketing.

Rich is also active in social media, and you can follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, get LinkedIn with him, or find him on a dozen other sites as well.

He welcomes your questions and looks forward to discussing your website.


Ryan Goan – Creative Director

Ryan is responsible for working with clients to help them design a successful web presence. Working in design studios from New York City to Portland, Ryan brings over 17 years of design experience to flyte. His diverse design background brings a fresh approach to each new project.


Andy Woznica – Web Developer

Wanted in his native city for not ‘minding the gap’ on the ‘Tube’ he is a fugitive in hiding from the London Transport Police.

Andy has been developing for the internet since 1998. His years as both a freelance designer/developer and a member of several web design and development teams have left him with a diverse and rounded skill set. In his spare time Andy teaches classes in CSS, web graphic design and web development techniques when he’s not riding his bike(s).

A native of the British Isles, Andy likes warm beer, solving problems and working on a variety of projects, fortunately he finds plenty of the last two whilst working for flyte’s eclectic mix of clients. He’s very excited to be a member of a great team.


Lindsay Babayan – Project Manager

Lindsay has 10 years experience in project management joining flyte in 2007. She is an integral part of the flyte team working as a conduit between our clients, developers and design team.

She has an obsession with highlighters, in fact she has a tiara made of highlighters on her desk and she brings OCD – er – organizing to a whole new level!

She’s constantly getting praise from our clients who “can’t live without her” and have said that she is a “tremendous asset in moving the project along. Not bashful to raise concerns about ideas they may need to be flushed out further and is truly appreciated. She makes coordinating our desires, concepts, etc. much easier.”

When Lindsay isn’t being a project managing super hero she enjoys spending time with her son, skiing, hiking, and hanging with friends.


Amanda O’Brien – Director of Business Development

Amanda has been working in marketing for over 12 years. She caught the digital marketing bug in 2006 and has been helping businesses use the internet to market themselves since then. She has been the host and organizer of Social Media Breakfast Maine since 2009.

At flyte Amanda is responsible for generating new business and for developing, implementing, and reporting on marketing initiatives for our clients.


Chris McClay – Business Manager

Chris brings two decades of business management experience and an MBA from Arizona State to flyte. She’s served in various roles over the years, from Office Manager to Director of Accounting to Business Analyst and finds she is at her best when in front of complex Excel sheet navigating tricky business decisions or measuring business performance. Business minded even at home, Chris resides in a micro-home in downtown Portland, where she’s lived since 2006.While she enjoys the ease that comes with living in a small city, she misses working in Paris, London, Australia, and New Zealand.

On a personal note, Chris is a passionate and tenured vegan since 1992 and holds a professional chef certification in plant-based cooking.


John Paglio – Digital Marketer

A recent graduate of Daniel Webster College(RIP), John obtained a Marketing degree with a minor in Business Management. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and optimism to the table. His role at flyte includes aiding clients in SEO, Social Media updating, and his favorite, Digital Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.). When John isn’t at flyte, he’s doing his best impression of Tiger Woods on the golf course, surveying the shoe markets, and stalking his favorite sports and fantasy teams.