Affordable CMS Websites for Small Business

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Are you looking for a professional website that will attract clients and grow your business?

Do you need to keep your costs down, but still want a website that will grow with you?

Do you need it yesterday?

flyte’s ProSites are just what you’re looking for. Smart, professional, and affordable, flyte can build your ProSite in as little as five business days. (Yeah, of course there’s some small print around here somewhere.)

ProSites are fast-loading, search engine friendly, and are the perfect hub for your sales and marketing efforts. Now any professional, business or organization can quickly take advantage of the marketing power of the web.

Easy and Affordable Updates

Since our ProSites are built on WordPress, the world’s most popular and easy-to-use content management system, you’ll be able to make all your own updates through the same web browser you’re using to read this page.

Whether you want to add a new page, upload an image, embed a video, post a new blog or create a new event in your calendar, you won’t have to turn to your web developer to make those changes.

Built for Your Success

We designed and built these responsive websites for your growth and success.

Each ProSite comes standard with:

  • a blog,
  • a home page slide show,
  • a contact form for lead generation,
  • unlimited pages,
  • hosting, maintenance & emails,
  • training from our staff,
  • and more!

Cash Flow Friendly.

We developed the ProSite program for people just like you: interested in building something epic, but needing to watch the bottom line, too. We know how important cash flow is to a growing company. That’s why we’ve organized the ProSites to be cash flow friendly.

Whether you’re just getting started or because you want to put more of your marketing dollars towards search engine optimization and social media marketing, our ProSites can support your growth and business goals.

Contact flyte today to learn more about how our ProSites can help your organization take flyte.