Social Media and Cellphones in the Classroom: Help or Distraction?

The Social ClassroomCan social media and cell phones be used to help aid education in the classroom…or are they just a distraction?

Earlier this week I traveled down to New Orleans (one of my favorite cities in the world) to present at The Center for Development & Learning’s Plain Talk Conference. While it might seem odd to have a social media business consultant speak at a conference on reading, the topic was The Social Classroom: Using Social Media as an Aid in Education. The presentation covered:

  • How George Middle School in Portland, Oregon, changed their learning climate with social media
  • What the purpose of public education is, and whether social media can help
  • The good and dark sides of social media and children
  • The Catherine McAuley High School’s Social Media Club
  • How classrooms across the country are using social media and cellphones in the classroom today.

I uploaded the slide deck to SlideShare (the YouTube of PowerPoint), but unfortunately many of fonts weren’t compatible. So, you can either flip through the slidedeck below or download the PDF of the presentation here (PDF, 1.8MB.)

So, what do you think? Is there a place for social media in the classroom, or is just a distraction? Let us know in the comments section!

Rich Brooks
Caught Snapchatting in Class