The Web Marketing Pie: Bet You Can’t Eat Just One (Slice)


A Web site, Blog, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Article and Email Marketing: All Pieces of the Web Marketing Pie

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Here at flyte, we stress the need for a holistic web marketing approach: to have a little slice of every piece of Web marketing (hence the pie reference). The fact of the matter is: you can’t expect to dabble in just one piece of Web and assume it will be your silver bullet.

Apple Pie
The Classic: Web site

Let’s face it: your business won’t be able to compete these days, let alone succeed, without a Web site. Online, the Web site is your call-to-action. All of your efforts outside of the web site (with both web and traditional marketing) should be directing people to the web site. [Think flight attendant here, and excuse the flyte pun.]

But, unfortunately, you’ll need more than just your Web site…

Lemon Meringue Pie
The Wonderfully Sweet: Blog

The blog: the hub of your Web marketing efforts. A blog is meant to provide information, to be a resource. It isn’t meant for direct selling purposes – and if it is, it will be a huge turn off to your readers. The hope is that by using such a great resource, folks will tend to think of your company first when they need something. So be that resource. Answer questions you get all the time from customers because, chances are, other people are searching for the exact same thing online.

But you may never be found unless you optimize your blog, then leverage social media to drive traffic to the blog!

Cherry Pie
The Sweet and Juicy: Social Media

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? If you’re not there yet, you’ve at least heard of them. You probably also know businesses are starting to leverage them in a way that is gaining a ton of business. At the very least, businesses use social media to provide a resource: links and advice. The next level is to engage customers: by enticing them to join events, ask questions, and provide customer service. What I would call the very top level is converting social media networking into bona fide business (in other words, seeing a profit).

Pumpkin Pie
The Pleasantly Subtle: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is near and dear to my heart, as it’s my primary role here at flyte. The only problem is, as great as optimizing a site can be, it isn’t a quick fix. Often, I have to reason with clients explaining that while SEO will help, it won’t solve all of their visibility issues if they’re aren’t participating in other Web marketing opportunities as well.

One of the more common questions I’ve been getting recently (and yes, I wrote a blog post about it) is about creating multiple domains about particular keywords and pointing them to the same website or blog. Put aside the fact that this may or may not help (as SEOs continuously argue about it), but if it does indeed help, then the extent to which is does is minimal. So the point is: having a keyword rich domain is not a silver bullet, but it may very well be a small piece of the pie.

So let’s look at another slice…

Sweet Potato Pie
The Acquired Taste: Paid Search (PPC)

PPC isn’t right for everyone. There’s quite a bit of maintenance that has to happen in order to keep a profitable PPC program up and running. But for the companies who can compete (and stand to profit), then it can be incredibly helpful.

The trick is to target your ads to those potential customers who will be actual customers – thereby actually driving away some searchers.

Rhubarb Pie
The Semi-Sweet, Semi-Tart: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to get content out fast and to a lot of people. The downside? There’s a lot of crap out there, and unfortunately it’s all lumped together with the valuable stuff.

Like everything, doing just social bookmarking is not going to make your sales go through the roof over night. But what you could do is every time you write a blog post or simply see an article that might be of interest to your network, bookmark it!

Blueberry Pie
Grandma’s Secret Recipe: Article Marketing & Email Marketing

I lump article and email marketing because they are age old, tried and true, and always something you can count on. (Just, ahem, like Grandma’s secret recipes.)

I always suggest tackling article marketing if you don’t have a blog. There’s no reason not to get fresh, new content out there. If you do have a blog, there’s less of a necessity to also be writing articles (though it will help you reach new audiences through different distribution channels).

Although email newsletters have never been my first choice in online marketing, my boss swears by email marketing. He likes the consistency, the immediacy and the cost-effiency of branded HTML emails. In addition, he swears he gets better response through email than any other type of communication.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to consume yourself with every piece of the pie (as delicious as it might be), but a hearty sampling of each slice is how you get closer to your goal of better web visibility. And if I’ve overwhelmed you with all of this, never fear; it just so happens that flyte can help you out with all of your Web Marketing needs.

Nicki Hicks
Search Engine Marketer

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