Informational Products: Selling Your Knowledge Online


Would you like to reach more customers, establish your expertise and create passive streams of income for your business…all in one fell swoop?

Small businesses and entrepreneurs face multiple challenges in reaching a wider audience and increasing their sales. Despite the global reach of the Internet, many companies are “geographically challenged,” meaning they have to be within traveling distance to their customers in order to do business. Chiropractors, landscape artists and caterers are just a few examples of professions that tend to be local.

Service providers are also hindered by the number of customers they can handle at any one time. There are a fixed number of hours in the day for doctors, consultants and massage therapists to earn their keep.

Price may also keep some customers from working with you. Your offerings may well be worth $500, $5,000 or $500,000 to a client, but they may not be able to pony up the initial cash outlay.

That’s why informational products are such an attractive solution. Products like ebooks, audio recordings, and paid teleseminars knock down all of these barriers to your success.

Embrace Distance Learning. Since digital downloads, a.k.a. “soft goods,” such as ebooks or audio recordings can be downloaded anywhere in the world, you suddenly have a global audience. You may not be able to train that toy dog in Australia, but you can sell her owner a copy of “Train Your Miniature Schnauzer in 10 Minutes a Day ” for $9.99 (or $49.99).

Increase Your Personal Bandwidth. Many service providers know the pain of “feast or famine,” the natural ebb and flow of the business where you can be occasionally overwhelmed by work and find yourself turning down projects. Once you’ve invested the time and energy into creating the audio recording of “10 Things All Small Businesses Can Do to Reduce Their Tax Burden ” you can sell as many copies as there are small business owners with virtually no additional work after it’s been set up.

Offer Affordable Options. While your tailored solution might be the perfect fit for a company or individual, the price of a customized solution or one-on-one time may be more than they can afford.

Even if they can afford your services, they may be wary of investing so much in a new vendor. Alternatively, they may be a do-it-yourselfer at heart, and just want some experienced advice, not for you to do it for them.

For all of these people you could create a one-size-fits-most teleseminar on “Healthy Workforce: A Dietician’s Approach to Reducing Sick Days and Improving Productivity.” This will allow you to sell to hundreds or thousands of companies that might not be ready, able or willing to pay for a dietician who makes office calls. (However, they might very well recommend you to an associate who is looking for your services, assuming they were impressed by the teleseminar.)

In Conclusion. You may think what’s in your head is common knowledge, but it’s not. It’s taken you years of hands-on experience to amass the helpful information that could save someone time, energy or money.

By summarizing the most important lessons you’ve learned into a format that can be easily understood and implemented by your customers, you create an extremely valuable product. One that establishes your expertise, helps market your business, reaches customers who were otherwise unattainable, and makes you money while you sleep.

What’s not to like?

If you have questions on how to get going with your own Informational Products, we’ll be writing more in the coming months, or you can contact us now.

–Rich Brooks
President, flyte new media