Keyword Analysis: A Success Story


Companies and individuals often contact me about increasing traffic to their site. Unfortunately, many balk at doing a keyword analysis which would uncover the most effective phrases to use on their site.

Others go ahead with the research, but then choose not to make the necessary changes often because they don’t realize the difference it can make to their bottom line.

What does keyword analysis do?

By rewriting (or “optimizing”) the copy on your site to take advantage of these high-ranking “key” phrases you can raise your site’s ranking at the search engines. However, it’s only effective if you know what people are searching for, not if you’re guessing.

If you’ve been holding off on a keyword analysis I’m hoping this success story will change your mind.

Case Study

After we developed a site for the New Image Weight Loss Center, our client, Dr. Artuso, was interested in increasing traffic to his site. We suggested a keyword analysis to uncover the phrases he should be using on his site, and then, based on the research, revamping his copy, content, and meta-tags. Dr. Artuso agreed and provided us with a brainstormed list of keyphrases that described his services.

We partnered with Harvey Marketing Group who handled the keyword research and provided analysis and recommendations. The research uncovered the most effective keyphrases, taking into consideration both the services offered and the center’s geographic location.

Based on our findings we edited the copy and added new content, headers, titles and meta-tags to his site.

The Results

Within just a few weeks New Image’s Google rankings increased dramatically:

Google Ranking Keyphrases
#1 gastric bypass surgery new york, gastric band surgery new
york, gastric bypass surgery new jersey, gastric bypass ct,
gastric band surgery nj, weight loss surgery new jersey,
dr artuso, lap band surgery new jersey;
#2 gastric band surgery ny, gastric bypass costs;
#3 bariatric bypass surgery, gastric bypass diets, gastric
bypass nj, bariatric surgery new york, weight loss surgery
new york, gastric bypass new jersey, gastric bypass connecticut,
lap band surgery new york;
surgery new york, bariatric surgeons new york, gastric bypass insurance,
gastric bypass support groups gastric bypass nutrition;
surgery ny;
bypass surgeons new york

New Image’s monthly traffic reports show the difference these changes and the higher rankings have made:

Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Unique Visitors 247 889 2,170 2,453 2,165 3,761

Your mileage may vary.

By optimizing the site for these phrases New Image was able to improve their ranking in the search engines which translated into more traffic, more visibility and more sales.

If you’d like to discuss what keyword analysis can do for your business, please contact us.

–Rich Brooks

President, flyte new media