How Do People Find My Blog?

Dear Rich,

This may be a stupid question, but how do people find my blog?

–Blogging in Baileyville

Dear Blogging,

There are no stupid questions while the person asking is still in earshot.

Yours, however, is not stupid on any level. I have been asked this many times. The simplest answer is, “the same way they find your Web site: through search engines.” By creating a new blog post you are also creating a new Web page, and every Web page is an opportunity to rank for another search term at Google, Bing or Yahoo.

To take full advantage of this you should perform a keyword analysis so you know what your prospects are searching for. Once you know the phrases that are most likely to attract the right type of audience, make sure you use these phrases in your titles, tags, categories and body copy. Your post title, which becomes the page title, is half the battle of attracting your audience.

Rich Brooks
Business Blog Marketing

Photo credit: James Lumb