Everything You Wanted to Know About Podcasting


Whether you’re interested in finding a podcast or starting your own, Rich Brooks talks podcasting in this episode of 207.

Ever since I started my own marketing podcast, I’ve been excited about podcasting as a way of exploring something your interested in, or as a way of sharing your own passion with others. It’s also helped me connect with a lot of influencers who came on to my podcast as guests.

In the video below, you can watch the segment I recently did on podcasting for 207, Maine’s premier evening news magazine.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments below…even if it’s your own!

Some shoutouts from the segment:


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12 Responses to “Everything You Wanted to Know About Podcasting”

  1. Mark Nutting

    Nice job, Rich. Very timely too as i was contemplating starting my own. Of course I’ll be subscribing to yours. Best wishes.

  2. Mark Nutting

    Definitely personal fitness and maybe a second one for the business of personal training. Thanks for asking.

  3. jebswebs

    Hey Rich, please remind your viewers/followers to add a transcript when producing a podcast. Two reasons: 1) it will make your podcast accessible to folks who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Hey, they want to hear what you have to say too!, and 2) Having a transcript associated with your audio file will increase SEO because the text can be indexed by search engines.

    Options for creating a transcript are two: do-it-yourself or have someone transcribe it for you. The latter often comes with a cost. But if you are a serious podcaster, you are probably already writing a script of what you are going to say and either “reading” it as you record, or at the very least paraphrasing from your script. If you have a complete script, it probably would not take much more time to save it and post it as a transcript.

    I don’t think iTunes currently has the capacity (yet?) to attach transcripts, but it will accept closed captions for video uploads. Will have to check Stitcher Radio

  4. therichbrooks

    Great advice! Some podcasters may have a script ready to go, others (like me) rely on interviews, so that won’t always work. There are plenty of good transcription services around, and of course there’s Fiverr.

    With iTunes you can use an app called ID3 Editor and put a description for your show in there. Not sure if there’s a length limit, but you could always include a “to read the entire transcript visit…”

  5. jebswebs

    Thanks for the heads up on both ID3 Editor and Fiverr! I feel a blog post coming on….

  6. Helena Ahlstrom Jole

    Love the Grimm Podcast! Jamie and Lindsey are wonderfully accessible and interactive.

  7. Daniel J. Lewis

    I would actually recommend well-written shownotes over a transcript. Writing them ahead of time can help a podcaster communicate much better, and the shownotes will be much easier to read than a transcript.

    I write my shownotes like a blog post. So when someone comes to my site, they can consume the content by listening, or by reading. True, they don’t get the exact same experience, but experience is tied to media, so I’m optimizing for their particular media choice.