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Do You Need an SEO Copywriter?Is hiring an SEO copywriter a good investment in your business, or are you better off writing your own copy?

In today’s Dear Rich post, I summarize a conversation I’ve been having with a few different clients lately. Although I’m not a copywriter myself, I’m a huge fan of the art, so expect heavy bias ahead.

Dear Rich, 

Should I hire an SEO copywriter or write the copy myself? 
You [flyte] have provided me with a keyword matrix for my website. You’ve given me recommended titles, headers, meta-descriptions and keywords for every single page. You’ve even provided suggestions for alt-tags and intrasite links. 
This thing could write itself!
No one knows my business like I do, so why would I spend money to have someone else write my copy for me? 
Why can’t I write my own search engine optimized copy?
–Writing in Westbrook 
Dear Writing,
Maybe you can write your own copy! I’m definitely not trying to stop you from writing copy for your site. And yes, we’ve provided you with well-researched keywords that your audience is searching for online. But there’s more to building a house than having enough wood and nails, and there’s more to writing SEO copy than just knowing your keywords.
Are you a sports fan or do you prefer cooking? Never mind, I’ve created two metaphors so you can Choose Your Own Adventure. Or metaphor. Whatever.

Cooking Metaphor for Why You Need an SEO Copywriter

We’ve given you all the ingredients you need to bake a perfect soufflé. We’ve even given you a basic recipe for you to follow.
But now you’re going up against some of the greatest chefs of our generation in a bake off, and this may be the first time you’ve ever made  a soufflé. 
Are you ready for that level of competition? Or should we see if Martha Stewart is free?

Sports Metaphor for Why You Need an SEO Copywriter

We’ve shown you how to hold the bat and instructed you in what to focus on when you step up to  the plate. You may have even taken a few swing in the batting cages.
But now it’s the bottom of the 9th, the game’s on the line, and Mariano Rivera is pitching.
Would you put you in? Or would you let Big Papi pinch hit?

There’s more to copywriting than just sprinkling in keywords.

Copywriting is about more than just communication, it’s about persuasion. It’s about moving someone to action. You don’t just want people to find your website through Google, you want them to take a desired action once they get there. To move down the sales funnel. Fill out a contact form or click a buy now button.

Here’s the thing about copywriters.

While we can all write–except for those people who write “loose” when they mean “lose,” those people piss me off–we’re not all copywriters.
That’s a very specific skill.
The copy on your website could have a life span of three, five, even ten years depending on your industry. Hiring a professional copywriter isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.
And  a copywriter who understands how to for search engines as well as people is worth her or his weight in gold.

Do you have the time to write your own copy?

The last time many of us had to write lots of copy was back in college. If your website is going to have 15 pages to start (a conservative estimate), you should plan on spending 30 – 45 hours in content creation, review and editing.
That’s right: about two to three hours a page if you want to do it right
Couldn’t you be spending that time on something that provides more value to your business, and contributes more revenue to your bottom line?
I’ve been involved with the building of over 500 websites at this point, so please believe me when I tell you: the number one reason jobs get delayed are because creating content is hard work! 
If you want your website to be launched on time and on budget, then you should definitely hire a copywriter to take that work off your plate.

When you hire an SEO copywriter…

  • You get copy that’s going to help you rank higher at the search engines and get found by your ideal customer.
  • You get top notch, persuasive copy that turns prospects into customers.
  • You know that your copy will be completed on time and on budget, so you can launch your website when planned.
  • You get to focus on the things you do best and where you can add the most value.
  • You don’t have to give up a week of your life to write copy that may–or may not–be effective.
So, can I put you in touch with a great SEO copywriter? 😉

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