10 Ways to Use Facebook Graph Search for Business

How to Leverage Facebook Graph Search for Your Business.

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Want to know what Graph Search means for your business? You are in the right place.

Graph Search opens up a world of opportunities for your business. The search bar at the top of Facebook was pretty much useless until now. For example, have you ever typed in the name of a business that you know has a business page and not been able to find it? I know I have. Well, Facebook Graph search not only solves that problem, it offers these business benefits below…

Graph Search will help your business:

 1. Get Found. Graph Search uses several different criteria when providing your search result. Likes, check-ins, your bio and content will all help you get found. So, by getting more likes, check-ins and posting multiple times a day you are more likely to pop up in search for those who may not know your name, but may be searching for your product or service. Especially, if you are local to them.

2. Manage Your Reputation. You can now conduct searches on Facebook to see what folks are saying about you.

3. Find Journalists. Not only can you search Facebook for those in the media that may be good connections for you to promote you business, you can also see if any of those journalists already follow “like” your page. This gives you the ability to reach out to them for promotions, news and events that you may want to publicize.

4. Recruitment. Search for locals in your area with the right qualifications that match your company culture. For example, you could look for college grads, in Portland, Maine, with a degree in communications that like Social Media Examiner and Mashable.

5. Understand Your Audience. Want to know how to reach your audience? Want to know who to target with your Facebook ads? What better way than to look deeply into the folks that already like your page. What magazines, websites, blogs do they like? What activities? What do they do for work? Male/female, age etc? Graph Search will now allow you to see not only all the folks who like your page…but your competitors as well!

6. Competitive Research. Like I said above, check out your competition’s fans. Who are they? What’s different between your likers and theirs? What are they doing better on their page to come up in Graph Search? Are they getting more check ins, better offers, etc? Survey their fans, ask why they chose them over you, what do they like about your competitor? This can then help you in other aspects of your marketing and SEO.

7. Find Influencers. Using Graph Search you can specifically reach out to folks that like your brand that are influential among their friends to possibly create a brand ambassador.

8. Take Advantage of Others’ Photos. Do a quick search of others photos of your product or establishment and ask for permission from the owner to use them on your page, website and in your marketing. Not only is this free photography but they most likely will show a social aspect. You can offer a discount or giveaway to folks for their permission.

9. eCommerce. It has never been easier for someone to find a product on Facebook. Graph Search will allow folks to find products not just by searching for them, but by recommending products based on friends’ likes. For instance, someone can ask the question What kind of cameras do my friends like? Are they Sony users, Nikon, or something else? People are likely to buy what their friends have recommended.

10. Potential for Perfect Targeting for Facebook Ads? Facebook hasn’t mentioned anything about it yet, but there could be sponsored ads within Graph Search and with the new capabilities of search within Facebook you now have the ability to research your audience well enough to target your audience perfectly.

How to optimize your Facebook Biz page for Graph Search

Search results are based on information on your Facebook business page, content/updates you’ve created, likes, the searchers friends, check ins and more.

  1. Make sure your bio is complete
  2. Make sure you include location
  3. Create different Facebook pages for different locations to take advantage of ‘Nearby’ mobile feature
  4. Make sure to include keywords in bio, updates etc.
  5. Acquire likes
  6. Get more check ins – create check in deals
  7. Photo tagging of locations, employees, patrons etc.
  8. Update content regularly
  9. Create Facebook Offers/promotions/contests

Are you excited about the possible opportunities Graph Search offers? What other business benefits do you see coming from Open Graph?

By Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Psyched for Graph Search!