21 Ways to Come Up with Blog Topics

Here are twenty-one quick ways to come up with great new blog posts without resorting to a hat full of cards, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or shooting arrows into the sky (see Flyte’s 2012 holiday card). 

It should be easy, but it’s not.

Banging your head won’t help, and it’ll make it harder to think with a big bump on your head. Relevant posts that are all meat and no filler require a bit of strategy and creative thinking.

So, put your darts away, shelf the magic eight ball, and read below:

1. Read Other Blogs. The best way to find topics is to see what everyone else is blogging about.
2. Read Your Old Posts. Look through your old posts for inspiration, ways to update outdated info or advice, or to add, embellish or improve upon your post from last month or last year.

3. Read Your Email. Your work emails may dredge up some old client interactions that spark a new topic or idea.

4. Read Stuff. Books, magazines, articles, feeds, whatever is relevant or interesting to you.

5. Google Trends. Find out what hot terms are being searched and go with it. “Bacon floss.”

6. Client Questions. As you work daily with clients, jot down questions they have that you can or can’t immediately answer. If you have to get back to them after a little research, then it may be a worthy post topic.

7. Ask Twitter. Ask your Twitter audience. A quick post on Twitter could return dozens of ideas. Hashtag “easy!”

8. Ask Facebook. Got 1,000+ likes on Facebook? Use them as a resource, and as guinea pigs. They’ll be running through your invisible habitrail in no time!

9. Ask Co-Workers. Your well may be dry, but Jim the developer may be drowning in ideas.

10. Ask a Question. Pick a question and imagine the answer. Ask friends. Ask family. Ask Jeeves.

11. Google a Question. There’s a 99.999% chance someone has already Googled the question you’re asking, so see what turns up in the results. Is bacon a healing meat?

12. Inspirational Quotes. Find your favorite business websites and look for quotes that inspire you.

13. Copy Someone Else. There’s obviously saturation in your field, so see what else someone has posted and try to improve on their thoughts.

14. Get Someone Else to Do It! Find a guest blogger to fill that empty post hole. Pay them in bacon.

15. Interview Someone. Find someone that can speak to your audience. Ask them questions and let them fill your blog with knowledge.

16. Tell a Story. We all relate to human experiences. Find something relevant in your life and type away. “I once found a plate of bacon in the break room…”

17. Ask Your Readers a Question. “How do you make a profitable bacon blog with relevant search optimization?” Use their answers for your post.

19. Think. Just take a few minutes and think. Turn everything else off and sit and ponder. It’ll come to you.

20. Don’t think. Aka, just start typing. Start writing and something may spill out onto the screen.

21. “_______.” You fill in the blank. Then post about it.

Did we miss anything? Let us know your best suggestions for generating blog topics in the comments section!

Chris Felax

3 Responses to “21 Ways to Come Up with Blog Topics”

  1. ICyberSurfer

    Good tips on getting ideas…
    Better Than out Baconin For It….


  2. Kelly

    Pay them in bacon! Priceless! This is a great list that even the seasoned writer can utilize! Great post!

  3. academicwritingexpert

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting stuff!