How to Protect Your Instagram Photos from Instagram

Are you upset with the “clarification” of Instagram’s TOS, allowing them to sell ads against your photos and get paid to license YOUR name, likeness and photos to other businesses?

Maybe you are, but you’re not quite ready to kick the habit of their cool filters? If so, here’s a quick hack to avoid seeing your newborn’s photo next to an ad for Pampers…or birth control. 

Step 1: Take amazing photo. (Or not.)

Take Photo

Step 2: Apply Instagram filter.

Apply Instagram Filter

Step 3: Close out Instagram, turn on Airplane Mode or the equivalent. (Alternatively, have an AT&T account.)

 Go Into Airplane Mode

Step 4: “Share” your Instagram, failing miserably because you’re in Airplane Mode. (Apologies to C.C. Chapman for sharing his photo, but at least I’m not selling ads next to it.)

Fail in Upload

Step 5: Remove photo from Instagram.

Remove Photo

Step 6: Share on your terms! (Facebook not recommended.)

Share on Your Terms

Note: If you’d like to download all of your photos and nuke your account, this Wired article shows you how

Rich Brooks
Professional Amateur