Whole Foods Does Social Media Right

While there certainly was a social media #fail here, it was on me, and not Whole Foods.

As we were packing to head out on our annual family vacation to Little Sebago I decided I wanted to head over to Whole Foods in Portland and pick up some of my favorite breakfast burritos from PJs Organics.

My wife, Cybele, asked me to pick up some Kind bars while I was there. At the same time I happened to see one of my friends had checked in at Whole Foods and I jokingly told him to pick up the Kind bars for me. Moments later, Whole Foods joined in the conversation, as you can see below.

Original Whole Foods Tweet

I really didn’t expect Whole Foods in Portland to put aside the Kind bars for me, although I thought I’d buzz by customer service just for fun and to bust them.

The customer service desk wasn’t where I thought/remembered it to be, and once I found the Kind bars I grabbed the rest of my shopping list and took off, not thinking to check my Twitter feed.

It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the more recent tweets from @WFMportlandME:

Whole Foods Follow Up Tweet

Man, I felt like such a heel! I mean, look at that customer service!

All I could really do is apologize, and maybe give them a shout out here at the flyte blog.

Whoever is doing social media over at our local Whole Foods Market really knows his/her/their stuff, and exceptional customer service, as well as how to create experiences worth sharing.

Thanks again, Whole Foods, and I’ll never doubt you again!

Rich Brooks
Regular Customer

2 Responses to “Whole Foods Does Social Media Right”

  1. Gretchen Kruysman

    Very Cool!!! Old fashioned customer service meets new social media.