How (and Why) to Upgrade to Pro

Agents of Change Pro Are you a user looking for more control over your online paper? The Pro version may be just what you’re looking for.

I’ve been using for quite some time now. It’s a service that generates daily (or weekly) online newspapers based on who you’re following on Twitter, keywords in Tweets, Twitter lists, as well as pulling from Facebook and some other services as well.

I recently wrote a blog post on How to Get More Twitter Followers with, and also use it to just keep track of topics of interest.

One thing I’ve always wanted with is to have more control over the paper itself. 

Enter Pro. Pro is an optional upgrade to your paper. Some of the biggest features include:

  • The ability to brand your paper with a top banner, background image and colors,
  • The ability to remove or replace the default ads with your own (and generate some income), and
  • The ability to pause the promotion of your paper via tweets and email newsletters until you’ve had the opportunity of configuring your paper, including promoting, demoting and deleting articles to create the best experience possible to your readers.

In this (relatively) short video, I show you how to upgrade your paper (currently $9/mo) and configure it. I call this video, “How (and Why) to Upgrade to Pro.

The paper in question is for my Agents of Change Daily, which I created in support of the upcoming Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference.

(You have gotten your tickets already, right? Seriously, Chris Brogan, Derek Halpern, Amy Porterfield, me and a bunch of other great speakers. You can join us in Portland, Maine or watch online.)

Rich Brooks
Agent of Change