Catherine McAuley High School Launches New Website

McAuley HSMaine’s only Catholic college-preparatory high school for young women gets a website makeover.

Catherine McAuley is Maine’s only all girls private college -preparatory high school. This distinction leads to a greater opportunity for young women to learn in an environment specifically designed just for them.

Studies have shown that girls who attend all-girls schools choose math and science courses at double the national average and are more likely to obtain a Ph.D. and have a successful career.

McAuley’s new website is a true representation of all that the school has to offer. Here are some of the highlights:

Better Navigation: Quicklinks at the botton of every page allow you to search for what you need by audience. Whether you are a prospective student looking for information on the McAuley experience, a current student looking for your reading list or an event, a parent looking for information on tuition or alumnae looking to make a donation, these links make it quick and easy. 

Apply Online: You now have the ability to apply online. This sleek application process walks you through each step and even shows you your progress as you go. 

Support the School: There are plenty of ways to support this wonderful school. You can find all the information you need here to make a donation, endow a scholarship, sponsor, volunteer and more. 

Events: The events section offers a full calendar of events with a search/filter function that helps you find what you are looking for quickly.

Blog – Stay abreast the most recent news and information by subscribing to the McAuley blog. 

“McAuley chose to team with flyte for a host of reasons, but mainly to present our information in a fresh, innovative, and easy-accessible way. As Maine’s only Catholic college-preparatory high school for young women, McAuley stands out,” said Ericka Sanborn, Director of Admissions and Marketing.

She continued, “flyte played an integral role in helping us achieve this distinction, and with new features, such as an opportunity to subscribe via email and an updated online application, McAuley will have the capability to reach an increased number of prospects and their families – a fine introduction the McAuley advantage.” 

Make sure to visit McAuley’s beautiful new website designed by Braden Buehler of Narrative Design to learn more about the All-Girl Advantage!