How to Get the Best Deals On Hotel Rooms & Lodging

Rich Brooks on 207Looking for the best deals on hotel rooms or lodging? DealAngel, Hipmunk and AirBNB offer some interesting choices.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the cost of lodging–whether it’s a hotel, motel, inn or B&B–can add up.

If you’re looking to save money or get a great deal on a place to stay, there are plenty of hotel deal sites on the internet.

For a recent 207 segment I took a look at three sites that help you get a better deal on lodging, each with it’s own approach: DealAngel, Hipmunk & AirBNB. You can watch the video below or at the 207 website.

Sites we reviewed:

  • DealAngel: A new site that helps you find the best deal, not necessarily the cheapest room.
  • Hipmunk: A site that lets you find great deals and provides heat maps of tourists spots, restaurants, bars and more.
  • AirBNB: Save money by avoiding hotels entirely and crash in someone’s apartment…with or without them around.

Rich Brooks
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