Music Apps & Websites for Discovering New Music

207 segment on musicLooking to discover new music? These apps and websites will help.

The other day I was over at WCSH, recording a music segment for 207

Don’t worry! There was no singing. Rather, I was showing some mobile apps and websites that help you discover new music, and test it out before you decide to buy.

You can watch the video at the 207 website, or down below.

The apps and sites featured in the segment include:

  • Shazam (for finding out the song that’s playing in the background)
  • Grooveshark (for listening to the whole album before buying it)
  • eMusic (for a cheaper alternative to iTunes for those of us who prefer to own our music)
  • (for finding music similar to what you already enjoy; an alternative to Pandora)

Rich Brooks
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