How I Increased Our Conversion Rate 50% In 30 Days

Tip JarOne simple change led to a significant, measurable increase in our conversion rates.

For years, at the bottom of every single web page on our web design & internet marketing site was a call to action.

Each one of those calls to action was a unique link that led to our contact form.

“Contact us today for a free consultation.”

“Learn how search engine optimization can bring new prospects to your site.”

“Move your static website to a content management system.”

It was fairly effective, but I wondered if there was a way to remove a step and increase our conversion rates. The simple change we made led to a 50% increase in our website conversion rates. 

What was that change?

The change was rather than send people via a link to a contact form, why not just add the contact form to the bottom of these pages? We now call these forms our Action Forms.

While it did add a bit of clutter to our pages, I was hoping that the Action Forms would be a more obvious call to action than just a simple text link. Like a tip jar on the coffee shop counter, it would work as a visual cue to let people know what the expectation was when they finished reading the page.

In the first week we saw a 400% increase in our lead capture forms, which included both the new Action Forms and our original contact form! That was a bit of an aberration, and by the month’s end it settled into a 50% increase over just the contact form alone…an increase that has stayed steady over the years.

While some people may scoff at a 50% increase in leads, especially when you see these crazy numbers some marketers throw around, a 50% increase in qualified leads is substantial for most businesses, and all it took was adding a streamlined version of our contact form to the bottom of our web page template.

It’s definitely something that you or your web developer can do…and if it’s not, it’s probably something we can help you out with. 🙂 

So, here’s my challenge to you: put an Action Form at the bottom of your web pages and see what kind of impact it has on your conversion rates over a 30 day period. Good, bad or indifferent, please share your results with us.

Rich Brooks
It’s All About the Conversions

4 Responses to “How I Increased Our Conversion Rate 50% In 30 Days”

  1. therichbrooks

    Sadly, I don’t speak Spanish. But of course there’s always Google translate! (Lamentablemente, yo no hablo español. Pero, por supuesto, siempre hay Googletranslate!)

  2. SEO Shrewsbury

    I think people appreciate straightforwardness. Instead of having them click on another link to get to another page for the form, having it right there makes it more compelling.