Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Brussel Sprouts

Some people hate Brussels sprouts, others hate stringing words together. That’s what writers are for. But everyone’s a writer, right? With all the slapdash content on the Web, it would appear to be the prevailing opinion. But even if the blank page doesn’t send you screaming into the night, you’re better off hiring a professional. Writers wrestle with words for a living. They’re good at keeping content clean and concise. They’re also good at alliteration.

Your website has the potential to do a lot more for you than look pretty in cyber space. So go be brilliant at the business you’ve created. Let a professional copywriter tell the world about it. You’ll be glad you did, and here are the top ten reasons why:

1. You’ve Made a Significant Investment

You hired a designer to give you a professional look. The programmers are poised to work their magic. SEO is bought and paid for. So, what you gonna do with those keywords? A professional copywriter can deploy them to best advantage in your brand voice. Don’t have a brand voice? A copywriter can help you find it. A copywriter can also ensure that your content is fresh, alluring, properly structured, easy-to-read, and grammatically correct from header to footer.

2. You don’t Know Where to Begin

 You know exactly what you do, and how your company blows the competition away. But getting it down on paper is like performing brain surgery, on yourself.  Copywriters have a way of drawing out the salient points. All you need do is rattle on at length about your product or service—something everyone’s good at. The copywriter will translate it into optimized content with a logical flow.

3. You’re a Prisoner of the Left Brain

Creative headlines command attention and break content into logical chunks. If you’re a left brain thinker, a copywriter can give your content some creative, if not comic, relief. 

4. You Need Marketing Spin

You majored in English for goodness sake, you can write. But chances are, no professor ever taught you how to write benefit-oriented copy, appealing to the hidden urges and desires of a given target audience. A professional copywriter can turn your hard wrought features into irresistible benefits. Pass the spin. 

5. You’re In The Weeds

Despite your way with words and uber-capacity to pile your plate, you’ve missed a deadline or two. And there are other areas in which your expertise is required. Divide and conquer. 

6. You’re Chasing Your Tail

You wade through the 17 paragraphs you’ve just banged out and realize the point you were aiming to convey is a slippery beast. Seventeen more paragraphs aren’t going to bring you any closer to nailing it. You might just be too close to this one. 

7. You’re Up Against a Deadline

Professional copywriters are used to being called in at the eleventh hour. They eat insane deadlines for breakfast. Even if you’re not champing at the bit for your copy, a professional writer is one way to guarantee that your project stays on track, humming and purring to completion.

8. Redundancy, Redundancy

If it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying twice, right? Not so much if you’re a reader with better ways to spend her time. A copywriter can ensure that you make each point once, in the most impactful way. Another word for this is editing.

9.  The Competition Hired a Copywriter

You know you read their site. A good copywriter can help you one-up them. Advantage: you. 

10. You’re a Perfectionist

That’s your name on the website: You want it done right. And you know that means hiring a professional who will agonize over every word, sentence, and paragraph. Not too long; just enough words to immerse the reader in positive vibes about you and get her ruminating on your brand. All typo-free and in the correct tense.

Martha Fenton is a professional copywriter. You can reach her through her LinkedIn profile or call her at 207.773.3703.

Original photo by Joyosity. (If you want the recipe to the amazing looking brussels sprouts above, check out the post Faux Momofuku Brussels Sprouts.

3 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter”

  1. Patsi

    Rich, excellent post. Except… I object to your use of the term ‘copywriter’. To me that implies someone who writes sales copy. I almost didn’t read your post because  of that.

    I prefer to refer to writers as, well, writers or professional writers (as opposed to creative fiction types).  I’d just hate for some small biz owner to rush off into the search for a good copywriter, most of whom have been trained to write ads, commercials and direct sales letters.

    Am I being too nit-picky? Well, I like to tell people there are plenty of great journalists who write good stories and compelling content who’d love to find some work writing for businesses. Why not hire a journalist/writer to help out?

    Today’s content marketing requires compelling stories much more than copywriting sales crap, don’t ya think?

    There’s a difference in what you’re going to find depending on which pasture you look for cows…

  2. Martha Fenton

    Hi, Patsi.  I’m glad
    you liked my post. I use copywriter and writer interchangeably for professional
    purposes, “copywriter” being a carryover from my agency past. On behalf of
    those of us who do use the “C” word—we’re not all a bunch of hacks. I have many
    talented colleagues from the ad world who are great writers in all types of
    genres. In fact, I know of very few who limit their writing to ads and DM. Which
    is not to say that a journalist can’t also write compelling web copy. I agree
    with you, sister, when you say compelling content is what it’s all about. So, a
    little camaraderie among writers, copy and otherwise? 

  3. Micah Smith

    At the very least people need a copy-editor!  I have found so many typos, run-ons, and bizarre paragraphs on some sites that it made me lose confidence in the company!