How to Remove Apps from Your Facebook Account

George In Bunny EarsHow many apps have access to your Facebook account? How can you delete them?

To be able to vote for a co-worker’s dog as “cutest ever” or something like that, I had to give 1-800-FLOWERS an unhealthy amount of access to my Facebook account.

Not wanting to disappoint Joan (especially since she has access to a couple of my Twitter accounts and has embarrassing stories to tell about me) I went ahead, giving 1-800-FLOWERS access to everything short of a DNA sample. 

Immediately after voting, I decided to rescind those privileges by removing the app from my Facebook account. However, I couldn’t find how to do it.

After a little research I found out where it was. It wasn’t too difficult…go into your account settings, choose apps, then remove any apps you no longer use or wish to have access to your account.

Or, if you’re visual check out this nifty (short) video I created on How to Remove Apps from Facebook.

That’s it!

Rich Brooks
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