Can You Still Do Like Gates on Facebook Timeline Pages?

Since the announcement of Facebook Timeline for Business pages I’ve heard the same question asked over and over again. What happens to our Facebook Landing pages/custom tabs? And, If you didn’t get a chance to read that post take a minute and go read it. But since then we’ve done a little thinking.

While you can’t set up a default landing page for those who’ve not liked your page yet, you can still create landing tabs that are “like gated” or “like baited”. You are just going to need to give your audience some incentive to click on that tab!

You pages have not gone anywhere, they are still there. And, now you actually have more space/width for your designed pages. (810 pixels) So, you can get even more creative. And, the tabs, which used to be small word links to the right column of your Facebook page, are now larger image links right below the Cover image. This also allows you to get a little more creative and enticing with your images and what you call the page.

For instance, you can create a page that offers coupons, call that tab “Coupons” or “Specials” or “Discounts” of “Deals”, people are always interested in getting a deal so this will entice them to click on your page.

Once on the landing page you can have it set up just as you did before, only with a slight bigger page design, and ask for the like. You will notice that there is still a like button above if the person hasn’t liked it already. Facebook was having an issue last week where the page wasn’t automatically refreshing after the Like button was clicked, but they have now fixed the problem. So, after someone clicks like, you can still have a reveal tab or welcome tab that has the printable coupons you are offering.

There are several other ways to drive traffic to your pages to get the likes other than making the tab itself enticing. It may not be as easy as the default, but using Facebook Ads is another great way to direct people to land on that page if they haven’t already liked the page.

So, you may have to get a little more creative. But, you can still drive people to your custom tabs, offer deals for people to like you and technically like gate your pages to reveal coupons etc.

Share your thoughts on new ways of gaining fans for the new Facebook Timeline with us here!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Get Creative!

Photo Credit: by JoshSemans

5 Responses to “Can You Still Do Like Gates on Facebook Timeline Pages?”

  1. Marnie Read

    It would be helpful is Facebook would give dimensions for the cover shot, the profile shot etc etc

  2. Virtual Office

    The most annoying of Facebook Page Timeline is, it has removed the link share option. I wonder if someone else can find the “Link” option in their Timeline.

  3. Anonymous

    thanks for the relevant post. Im a facebook addict so i find it very essential.