How to Rank Higher at the Search Engines in 5 Minutes and 27 Seconds

Tech Guru Rich Brooks on 207 Talking SEOHow small businesses can rank higher at the search engines.

I enjoy my segments as the “tech guru” or “tech expert” (depending on who’s interviewing me) on 207, but I don’t generally get to talk about technology as it pertains to small business marketing.

So, I was very excited when they suggested I do something that focused on small business. (95% of Mainers are employed by a small business, so it’s something that affects a lot of us.)

Of course, you can’t get too in depth in 5:27, especially for a topic that spawns multi-day conferences with multiple tracks. However, I did my best.

You can watch the video below or at the 207 site on a page entitled Tech Guru Rich Brooks on SEO.

If you’d to learn more, check out this week’s flyte school lunch & learn I’m doing (if you live within driving distance of Portland, Maine) or the Search Engine Optimization: Rank Higher, Sell More! webinar I’m putting on.

Below are my notes from the segment:


Although most Maine businesses and non-profits have websites, many of those sites are difficult to find at the search engines. Today we’re going to take a look at some changes you can make to your own website to rank higher at the search engines, attract more traffic and generate more leads.

Q: What can Maine businesses & non-profits do to rank higher at the search engines?

A: To oversimplify SEO (search engine optimization) there are two parts: what you do on the page and how many quality incoming links you have.  
Q:  What can you do on the page?

A: Your page should address the biggest problems your ideal customer has, using their language.

Q: How do you know what words your customers use at Google?

A: Use tools like Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool, a free tool that shows you how many people are searching for that term as well as how many other websites compete for that term. You should look for opportunities where there are a lot of people searching for a phrase but it’s not highly competitive.

Q: Now that we know what words to use, what do we do next?

A: You should work your keywords into critical places on your page, like your title tags, headers, body copy and intrasite links…links from one page to another.

Q: You also said that getting incoming links is important. What is an incoming link and why is it so important?

A: An incoming link is a link from another website or blog to your website. Search engines see these incoming links as votes of confidence. The more quality incoming links you have, the more the search engines see your content as relevant and important, so they rank you higher.

Q: What else can businesses and non-profits do to improve their search engine optimization?

A: A blog, online videos (YouTube), and social media can help, too.

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