How to Get More Twitter Followers Using

If you’d like to get more Twitter followers may be the answer. Here’s how:

People are always asking me how to get more followers on Twitter. I tell them that it’s not a numbers game, that there plenty of well known techniques to get more followers.

However, you’ll end up with a lot of followers who don’t pay any attention to you, as they’re in the same mad rush to increase their followers as well.

Then they roll their eyes and ask again.

Well, here’s a technique that will help you attract the right type of followers on Twitter, and all it takes is a free service called

For those of you who don’t know, is a service that helps you curate content from Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Google+ into an online newspaper.

For an example of how to use, I’m going to use the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference that I recently announced. The conference is going to focus on how businesses can use search, social & mobile to grow. The conference will take place here in Maine, but there’s also an online virtual component that anyone can attend.

I’m looking to build awareness for the conference, so here’s what I did first did on Twitter.

I created an Agents of Change account called @agentconference. Because of the Maine connection, I followed a number of local people that I follow from my @therichbrooks account who are marketers or run businesses.

I then went over to and created a new account for Agents of Change, connected to the conference’s Twitter account.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Click on Start Your Paper at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a title.
  3. Add one or more “streams” that will feed your paper.

    Now, there are plenty of stream types. For the Agents of Change, I wanted to start by including everyone I follow under the @agentconference account.

    I also wanted to include people who tweet about the topics the conference is about: search, social and mobile.So I included some tags. This will include tweets from people I don’t necessarily follow but use specific hashtags or keywords.

    I chose the hashtags #seo, #socialmedia and #mobile.

  4. Now hit publish.
  5. Once the paper is created you can create an editor’s note with a call to action, including a clickable link. (Not sure if it’s no-follow or not.)


  6. However, the most important thing is to click the megaphone. This tweets out your paper, including mentions of your top contributors.

Why is this so important? Because it lets people know that you’re following them, shows up in their mentions column, and increases your visibility.

This works for both people you’re already following, and new people who are tweeting out the hashtags or keywords you included!

Later, when I go back to my twitter feed and search for mentions of the daily paper, I can see that people are already retweeting the Agents of Change when they’re included in the paper, sharing that link with their network and extending our reach.

As I look at the people who have been featured, I see that most of them have begun following the Agents of Change account. Again, this increases our visibility and reach with people who care about the things we want to talk about: search, social & mobile.

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And, if you want to learn more about search, social or mobile, head on over to The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference to learn more about our conference, whether you’re planning on coming to Maine or watching online.

Rich Brooks Publisher

3 Responses to “How to Get More Twitter Followers Using”

  1. Debateinn

    Get more followers by using this free twitter train and grow the database of your followers. the more follwers you have the more traffic your website get and the more business you generate

  2. Dan Bray

    Excellent article but using mentions to promote my page doesn’t work very well for me. The problem is the accounts I would be mentioning are news accounts with many followers, not individuals that are likely to retweet or subscribe to my paper. Any tips on how I can promote would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a good day

  3. therichbrooks


    Thanks for the question. You’ll probably need a different approach. You need to uncover the additional value you’re providing with the If all you’re doing is sharing some of the same news coverage that’s available elsewhere, without adding anything to it, you may be in for an uphill battle to attract readership.