The Top 25 Top 10 Lists of 2011

Making a ListTop 10 lists make our life easier by creating shortcuts of what’s really important.

However, there were so many top 10 lists this year, it got confusing. So that’s why we here at flyte put together the top 25 lists of 2011! (We couldn’t stop at just ten!)

1. Top 10 Tech Stories of 2011:

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving so it is important to be able to look back year after in order to observe how fast change happens. In 2011, the tech geeks of the world as well as the average consumer witnessed many profound moments in history including the death of Steve Jobs, AT&T’s failed battle with the U.S. government when attempting to acquire T-Mobile, as well as the epic hacking of Sony’s Playstation which caused the company to have to take it’s system off-line for a significant period of time.

2. Top 10 for Intergrative Medicine Policy and Action in 2011:

As the cost of traditional medicine rises along with the information generation, alternative forms of medicine are becoming more and more valuable. The Obama-Pelosi Affordable Care Act led the way to help these discoveries and subsequent developments.

3. Top 10 Marketing Infographics of 2011:

Since marketing can be very complex, visual aids tend to encourage further understanding of valuable information. Although infographics have been around for some time, they became very dominant in 2011 as people’s ability to visualize data with new technologies allowed for incredibly creative displays of information.
4. Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages:

2011 showed that having a business Facebook page and using it to its full potential is important to gain and sustain a competitive edge in ones own market. Some businesses are confused about where where to begin; this list outlines ten small companies that have a strong presence on Facebook.

5. 10 Best Movies of 2011:

2011 was another successful year for the movie business and brought about a few edgy and creative films that display good versus evil, as in the movie, Drive; observations into real life events, such as the movie, Margin Call; as well as the “bedtime story” movie lover favorite, as in the movie, Hugo.

6. Top 10 Social Media Blunders of 2011:

From celebrity tweets that have led to fines and/or harsh backlash of fans to companies loosing thousands of subscribers due to their own social mishaps; 2011 showed that our words are being heard, watched, listened to, and shared. In order for corporations, celebrities, small businesses, and consumers themselves to remain respected and valued within their market, one must pay incredible attention to what is heard by his/her “listeners.”

7. Top 10 Badass Sports Moments of 2011

2011 was a great year for sports fans, enthusiasts, and bandwagon-ers. Many can remember the Stanley Cup won by New England’s own Boston Bruins, in the last game of the series. Or the Green Bay Packers comeback to win the Super Bowl after almost not making it into the playoffs. We easily remember the big moments, and frequently forget the little ones that allowed these teams to achieve their ultimate wins.

8. Top 10 Music Albums of 2011

The steadily growing digital sales market impacted music revenues in a powerful way. A 3.3 percent growth in sales in the United States shows music remains one of life’s necessities that even people experiencing a slumped economy cannot live without.

9. Top 10 (12 actually) of the 2011 Holiday Season

The top 12 toys from the 2011 holiday season, appropriate for ages 4 to 13 plus, shows that children and early teens are really into spy gear right now as well as the classic Cabbage Patch Kid.

10. Top 100 Bestselling Books of 2011

It’s no surprise that the iconic Steve Jobs biography topped the bestselling chart in 2011 with his recent passing. The biography gives readers a look into the personality and life of Jobs, based on over forty interviews. Another popular favorite included, “Heaven is for Real”; about a boy who tells incredible stories about his visit to heaven during a life-saving surgery.

11. Top 10 Inventions in 2011

Innovation is an important part of society, and it’s amazing to see the inspiring inventions that are designed with intentions to help sick people, remedy the environment, or serve to make Olympic sports safer for the competitors.

12. Top 10 Video Games of 2011

The top 10 console video games of 2011 includes favorites ranging from “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” to “Batman: Arkham City” to “Portal 2.” The past years video games brought better graphics and more creative story lines as well as integration with social media.

13. Top 10 Most Bizarre Tech Stories of 2011

It’s easy for tech geeks to remember the highly publicized tech stories of 2011 such as the release of the new iPhone 4S (not the iPhone 5), the Kindle Fire, or Blackberry’s global service disruption. 2011 introduced many other technological advancements and unexpected internet creations such as the Kiss Transmission Device, which allows people to “kiss” over the interwebs, and the German brain-powered car.

14. Top 10 Green Gadgets of 2011

Tech geeks love innovative gadgets and frequently enjoy items that are eco-friendly. With the growing strength of the green movement, 2011 delivered many creative green conscious gadgets including a water powered alarm clock and solar powered tablet cases.

15. Top (errr bottom?) Worst Films of 2011

Many movies failed to deliver in 2011 in a way that resonated with their target audiences. This list includes 20 movies that sit at the bottom for many reasons including, lack of character development, poor dialogue, terrible usage of product placement and social media, etc.

16. Top 10 Educational Toys of 2011

Educating our children is incredibly important and becoming more and more the responsibility of the parents. 2011 introduced many toys that are entertaining while providing educational enrichment.

17. 2011’s Top 10 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune has released their 100 best companies to work for with the top 10 including SAS, Zappos, Google, and Boston Consulting Company. The winners are chosen based on competitive pay, perks, and overall exciting and fun corporate cultures.

18. Best/Worst Tech CEOs of 2011

If you guessed that Apple, Facebook, and Google’s CEOs ranked at the top of the pack, you would be right. Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Page have taken technology to the next level with their visionary products and sustainable business strategies.

19. Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

Marketers everywhere are attempting to crack the code to creating successful viral videos which grew in popularity in 2011. Although it may be difficult to forecast which videos people will consider shareable, it’s interesting to observe the ones that are watched by millions in order to generate ideas for our own campaigns.

20. Top 10 Smart-Phone Apps

Smart-phone apps had an amazing year in 2011, exhibiting future trends that will add value to current businesses as well as create opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Being able to watch favorite HBO shows or ESPN on the go, easily Facebook chat, and listen to live streaming music proved to be a few of the must-haves for smart-phone users everywhere.

21. Top 10 World-News Stories

You cannot have a list of top lists without including worldwide events that plagued our televisions, newspapers, and RSS feeds all year long. For some, the killing of Osama bin Laden will leave as lasting of an imprint as the 9/11 attacks. Most may never forget the earthquake, measuring at 9.0 on the Richter scale, that devastated Japan and left many towns and cities with unthinkable destruction and mortality.

22. Top 10 Consumer-Spending Trends

Businesses and marketers should always pay close attention to consumer spending trends in order to plan a competitive strategy. In 2011 many large companies and banks failed to introduce new business processes that resonated with their consumers, daily deals experienced their fair share of backlash, couponing transformed from something only “low-income” people do into a hip trend, and higher education gained further questioning as to its value among students.

23. Top 10 Food Trends

The food culture in the United States began to see an aggressive push toward healthy, local, regional, and domestic product offerings in 2011. Fine dining has further catered to the 1% with some restaurants offering dinners with a dozen or more courses. It is also important to note the impact that technology has had on dining etiquette and the subsequent media’s nicknaming of the smart phone – “our new cigarette.”

24. Top 10 TV Episodes

American’s love their televisions, partnered with recording devices which allows one to chunk their television series watching into a shorter period of time. 2011’s top TV episodes include “Friday Night Lights, ‘Always,'” “The Office, ‘Goodbye, Michael,'” and “Break Bad, ‘Crawl Space.'”

25. Top 10 Underreported Stories

Since the media decides (based on external pressures such as the government) what is most important, there are always newsworthy stories that go unnoticed. 2011s top underreported stories included the potential cure for HIV as well as the connection between rising food prices and Middle East uprisings that evidence a potential future of instability due to this ongoing and worsening issue.

Well, did we miss any of your favorite top 10 lists this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Have an amazing 2012!

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