How to Find (and Remove) People on Twitter Who’ve Stopped Tweeting

Done TweetingImprove your Twitter marketing and ROI by finding and removing people who have stopped tweeting.

Recently someone asked me how to find and identify people you follow on Twitter who are no longer tweeting.

There are plenty of websites and services that can help you manage your Twitter following…whether to grow your Twitter following or to improve it. The tool I use in the video below is called Formulists.

Formulists provides you tools to find new people, and also to sort people that you already follow. In this video I set up a filter to go through the people I follow and find ones who haven’t tweeted in 60 days.

Once I’ve identified those people I can choose to mass unfollow them, or nag them to start tweeting again. If you find some friends, family member or clients who you’re not ready to kick to the curb just yet, Forumlists allows you to remove them from this list so they won’t be cut loose if you mass unfollow everyone who has stopped tweeting.

You can watch the video below or check out How to Find and Remove People Who No Longer Tweet on Twitter on YouTube.

Formulists does a bunch more than just help you find people who are retired from Twitter. I use it to help me find other people in Maine, keep track of who just started following me (and who stopped), and more.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re a Twitter power user like myself.

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