Zombies Invade Maine!

Rich Brooks Talks ZombiesZombies are way hotter than vampires, both in Hollywood and the Web.

Last week the good folks over at 207 had me come on to talk about zombies:

  • how to make a zombie costume,
  • how to prepare for the (inevitable) zombie apocalypse, and
  • how to create zombie-themed websites.

I busted out one of my favorite zombie t’s and waxed philosophical on our undead brethren. We took a look at the CDC’s official blog post on preparing for the zombie apocalypse (for real!) and a great how-to video on creating zombie makeup where the major ingredient is toilet paper.

I also got to show a little love for the project I worked on with Josh Fisher, Zombie Ipsum: the lorem ipsum alternative for zombie websites.

You can watch the video on the WCSH website or check it out below:

Rich Brooks
Zombie Hunter

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